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Why Won’t My PlayStation Connect To The Internet?

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Are you stuck in between an important gaming session because your PS4 is unable to connect to the internet? Well, it’s annoying but not anymore! In this article, we have mentioned the ways through which you can fix this issue by yourself.

Why won’t my ps4 connect to the internet?

There can be diverse reasons why you might be facing this issue of internet dysconnectivity on your PS4. Check out them here: 

  • Your PlayStation network might be turned off: Go to the PlayStation Network Status Page on a different device and make sure the status is green. There might be chances of it being down. In that case, just wait for the issue to be fixed.
  • Your Router might be having connectivity issues: In such a case, check if the problem is your router by connecting other devices to it. If your other devices can’t connect as well, try to power off your modem and router for a while and connect them again. You can also reboot your PS4 along with the router for extra measures. 
  • Your PS4 might not be connected to the router: 
  • Try swapping out the cable if you’re connecting by Ethernet or connect the cable to a different Ethernet port. 
  • Try to move your console to the wifi router as it might be facing an intermittent signal loss due to distance. The physical distance can be a potential reason for this disconnectivity. If that doesn’t work, try restarting both your modem and router. 
  • Make sure you’ve entered the correct password for both your Wifi and console. You can check it by re-entering it. 
  • If still your ps4 won’t connect to wifi, You can change your Wifi password. However, take help from a professional service provider if you don’t know how to navigate or change the Wifi password.
  • Your PS4 is outdated: Check your settings menu to update your PS4 with the latest firmware which can be the reason why your ps4 not connecting to wifi.


  • Factory Reset the PS4: Last, but not least, try resetting your PS4 console to factory settings. However, remember to back up your data before taking this step.


  • You might need to change your PlayStation’s DNS settings: Lastly, modify the DNS address. Try changing the DNS server settings by following these steps:
  • On your PS4, select “Settings”
  • Then select “Network” and “Set Up Internet Connection”
  • From there, Choose either “Use Wifi” or “Use a LAN Cable” 
  • Choose your Wifi network from the list  by tapping on “Custom”
  • Click on “Automatic” 
  • Select “Do Not Specify” and “Manual”
  • Tap on “Primary DNS” and type “”
  • Tap on “Secondary DNS” and type “”
  • Select “Next” then, “Automatic”
  • Lastly, Select “Do Not Disturb” 

Now, try to connect your PS4 to the Internet connection.  

Still, if the ps4 can’t connect to wifi, reach out to  Sony’s PS4 support or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance. 

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