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Why Does My Arlo Camera Battery Drain So Fast?

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Arlo security camera has become the number one choice for people who want to be Argus-eyed about the happenings in and around their house. Although these security cameras have no match when it comes to delivering top-notch security performance, still, a user stated that his Arlo camera battery drain so fast. When research was conducted, it was found that numerous users are struggling with the same problem.

On the off-chance, you are also finding yourself nowhere because of this issue, let us help you address it with the help of a few tactics mentioned in this write-up. So, let’s start with the versatile hack first that works on all camera models and technical devices.

Update Firmware If Arlo Camera Battery Drains Fast

Performing a firmware update is recommended as soon as a new version is rolled out by the company. It ensures that your security cam stays equipped with all the latest technologies and features that only new gadgets possess.

However, while executing the firmware update process for your security device, we advise you not to interrupt it. Else, you might cross paths with the Arlo error code 4209. Also, ensure that your device [desktop, laptop, or mobile phone] as well as your camera is connected to a high-speed internet connection throughout the process.

In case updating the camera’s firmware is of no avail, you can refer to the points given in the next section to learn why your Arlo camera battery drains so fast. Along with them, you will also find troubleshooting techniques that if implemented can help you get the problem resolved.

Reasons Why Arlo Camera Battery Drains So Fast

Generally, the battery life of your security cam varies as per its usage. If you use the camera excessively, then surely the battery will drain fast. Therefore, consider removing unwanted videos to improve battery life. However, you can always count on the information given below to maximize the battery life of your camera.

  1. Your Camera Record Large Videos

The reason why your Arlo camera battery drains fast is that it records video with the maximum possible duration. It also means that you expected too much from your camera. You need to understand that battery-powered security cameras must not be given the responsibility for continuous recording. Thus, you are supposed to configure your security cam to record videos of shorter lengths.

  1. Activation/Deactivation Not Scheduled

The camera’s battery may also drain at a faster rate if you have not scheduled Automation on your system. It means the camera always stays active. For your information, scheduling the activation and deactivation may help a lot when it comes to improving the battery life of the camera. Therefore, schedule the camera and set it to become active only in desired situations.

  1. Too Bright Spotlight and Floodlight

If you own an Arlo spotlight or floodlight camera, then its battery will keep draining if the duration and brightness of the spotlight or floodlight are too much. Therefore, to put an end to the problem, you are supposed to adjust the light settings on your wireless security camera. All you have to do is access the Arlo camera dashboard login portal via the app and locate the Brightness option under the Settings tab.

  1. High Motion Sensitivity

If the camera is set to detect high motion sensitivity levels, then also Arlo camera battery drains so fast. Therefore, you are advised to decrease the motion sensitivity of your security camera to address the issue effectively. For this, log in to the mobile app of your camera, and tap the Default Mode Settings option followed by the Settings [Gear] icon. Thereafter, tap Motion Detection and adjust the slider to the left to reduce the motion sensitivity level.

Summing Up

If we consider everything, then it is very clear that right from an outdated version of firmware to high expectations from the camera can force the battery to drain at faster speeds. We assume that now you have learned why Arlo camera battery drain so fast and will take appropriate measures to get the problem resolved.

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