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Wholesale Silver Gems: Premium Quality Larimar Jewelry in Silver

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Larimar, a rare blue kind of pectolite, is only found in the Dominican Republic. Larimar, also known as Stefilia’s Stone, has a color spectrum that ranges from white through light blue, green blue, and deep, dark blue.

Pectolite is created when calcium and sodium interact. This gemstone is used in larimar jewelry because it contains copper, not calcium, which sets it apart from other gemstones and gives it its characteristic color. Only on the Los Chupaderos mountain, approximately 6 miles from Barahona, can one get the most expensive larimar utilized in larimar jewelry.


In Barahona, Dominican Republic, a priest is claimed to have discovered larimar for the first time in 1916. The priest requested a permit to mine a blue rock he had discovered. The request was rejected, demonstrating the futility of blue rocks in 1916, and Larimar would not be found again for another almost 60 years.

On a Barahona beach, Miguel Mendez & Norman Riling found larimar in 1974. They gave it the name “blue stone” and said that the sea was where it came from. Mendez combined the name of his daughter Larissa with the Spanish word for sea, mar, to give the stone the name Larimar. However, it was found that Larimar originated in the highlands, not the sea. Larimar was found in rocks that eroded and dropped into the river. The river’s tumbling motion polished the larimar and also made it much easier to find it on the beach.


Larimar jewelry is often set in silver. However, it may also be done in gold. Larimar is graded for purity and color. The most costly Larimar is one with a deep, intense volcanic blue color and few to no discernible specks of “lesser” colors. Less intense colors are seen as flaws in the dominant color and reduce the value of a stone.


When it comes to creating and buying larimar jewelry, purity, and the following coloring criteria are utilized to grade the gemstone:

Blue Volcanic: Rare grade AAA1 volcanic blue Larimar makes up less than 1% of the total supply. When it is at its purest, it is very rare and expensive.

Extreme Blue: AAA2 grade is quite rare. Intense blue hue only makes up roughly 5% of Larimar.

Sky Blue: Sky Blue – AAA (or AAA1) is the ideal grade in the Larimar jewelry industry. Even while sky blue larimar is still difficult to find, collectors and jewelry shops are more likely to carry this color and grade.

Blue: Blue larimar may be obtained in grades AA (the official classification) or AAA (commonly utilized by Chinese and Japanese markets). Blue is the Larimar gemstone’s most well-liked jewelry color. Only large, powerful buyers with fixed contracts are allowed to buy blue lapis.

Light Blue: The lowest-scoring blue larimar hue is light blue, which received an overall grade of A. It is the kind of Larimar that is most often available in local gift shops, usually in the form of jewelry.

White: Grade B white larimar is fairly common and commonly found in the center of the stone. It has little to no value in the jewelry industry. White Larimar or Perlite has value when it is translucent or transparent rather than opaque.

Green: Garde G Larimar is regarded as a fine example of larimar in the green color spectrum. Even while Larimar is not very sought after in its regular light green to grey form, the brilliant green variety with blue undertones may be quite costly.

Red: Red larimar with an R grade has more copper in it. Due to its irregular and dull color, ordinary red Larimar is not commonly appreciated by collectors. The unusually bright red On the other hand, larimar is far more expensive and has a following.

Black: Black Larimar is made composed of a petrified palm. Locals call it “carbon,” and the only value it has is curiosity.


Larimar has the peace and beauty of water. Larimar Jewelry is composed and has a tranquil feel. From translucent to transparent, transparency may range. Larimar jewelry is elegant and has a smooth, silky texture that makes it simple to feel at ease.

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Larimar is a delicate gemstone. It has a rating of 4.5–5. Larimar jewelry is thus challenging to produce. But because of the fibrous ingrowth, which gives it strength, it may be utilized as jewelry. Larimar occurs in a variety of sizes, although it is most often discovered as a large-cabochon gemstone. Most larimar jewelry, including larimar rings, larimar pendants, larimar earrings, larimar necklaces, and larimar bracelets, is made of cabochons. It is the cause of its immense popularity around the globe.


Larimar jewelry emphasizes the tranquility and beauty of water. It is composed and serene in the atmosphere. Transparency may vary from translucent to transparent. Larimar jewelry is sophisticated and has a silky, smooth texture that makes it easy to feel calm and collected. Larimar jewelry also has a lot of therapeutic qualities.

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