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What is the future of Artificial Intelligence?

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Many of the experts have claimed that Artificial Intelligence in the next decade will improve the lives of humans and make the planet even better. But there exist many notable personalities that think that humans need to work aggressively to make sure AI matches our core values. The investment in AI is indeed large and at stake is not anything less than the sort of social background we want to reside in the future. The majority of the people want to make sure before going for the plunge that the intelligence that we are creating experiences humanity in the same way as we do. By the year 2030 AI will be driving most of our daily activities and interactions but there exists an ambiguity whether it will make our lives better or not.

Due to the existent financial disparity, there is a debate that the great benefits of human-machine collaboration will be spread evenly in society. There is no clear evidence that the future of AI will bring betterment to the lives of people. Many strong arguments have been made that it can create huge problems such as unemployment and lack of privacy. The current use of AI raises very grave concerns such as the responsible gathering of data and its rightful usage. Artificial intelligence is seen to be abusing information in many ways in today’s world. Humans have a proven history of misuse of technology and anything evil is possible with AI people are sure to explore it and then perform the acts.

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Still, the best of the minds have claimed it is very necessary to set up ethical norms and standards to direct AI in a very positive manner. The following article discusses all the possibilities and practical methodologies to ensure that AI is used in a very responsible and beneficial manner.

What are some of the concerns raised upon the future of AI?

AI has started transforming every existing domain in human lives. From self-driving cars to automated chat-bots every normal task has started being influenced by humans. The first AI robot Sophia has been given autonomous citizenship by Saudi Arabia. Tools such as Alexa by Amazon, Siri by Apple, and IBM Watson are used daily by individuals and the majority of public and private organizations. Smart algorithms are assisting people to do their shopping, making their healthcare plans, responding to their queries, and suggesting songs for them.

Highly qualified are performing roles that were never thought of before such as delicate surgeries and voting on the behalf of people. Still, amidst all the great hopes lie concerns and doubts of the people regarding the collective future of humans as well as AI.

Abuse of Data

There are speculations that the majority of AI tools will be in the hands of organizations that are hungry for profits and just striving for power. In these circumstances, ethics and values which are the major components of stability will be compromised for personal gains. Almost all the AI-driven data systems will be globally connected thus making it impossible to reign over them or regulate. Hence the loss of privacy and information will be the biggest price that humans will have to pay for the development of superior technologies like AI.

Humans will lose their job

The serious takeover by AI over jobs is already resulting in the widening of economic divides and often resulting in social upheaval. Many private organizations are compromising human jobs and livelihoods for the economic advantages derived from AI-based machine intelligence. Many people expect that new jobs are sure to emerge. But with such an explosion of the population, there are greater things to worry about such as massive loss of jobs, populist uprisings widening the divide of social strata.

Over Dependency on Machines 

Many experts have claimed that over-dependency on AI will result in reduced individual social, survival, and cognitive skills. Still many claims that AI can augment human capacity. There is an ongoing debate that over-dependence on AI-driven machines for normal tasks will completely erode the capability of humans to think for their good. In this time it will be very difficult for humans to take actions completely independent of automation systems.

Destructive traits and causing mayhem

A general shift in sociopolitical structures may result in destructive traits of AI such as Autonomous weapons, destructive information, and advanced cybercrime. Many science fiction movies such as Matrix, Terminator, and IRobot have already addressed these grave concerns. If AI falls in the wrong hands can result in all kinds of mass destruction activities with serious potential to destabilize humanity. There also exist possibilities of a serious rise in economic cyber-crime resulting in grave loss of resources and humans.

Loss of Control

Individuals using AI in their daily lives are already reporting a loss of manual control over their existent lives. In the future, if AI takes over will become impossible to understand as well as control them. It will become very difficult to judge the righteousness of the actions taken by AI in many significant manners. Humans are expecting AI to perform many important functions such as Governance and Space exploration where a minute loss of control can result in loss of lives as well as resources.

What steps must be taken to eliminate these concerns?

Many pioneers such as Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates have raised issues over the future of AI and are currently giving all the thought to responsible AI. Many great thinkers such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are investing in the responsible development of AI through organizations such as Open AI. Some of the popular and suggested solutions for grave concerns regarding the future of AI are provided below.

Global Collaboration for future AI 

There is a great requirement for the responsible development of AI through the human collaboration of large contributors and stakeholders. Digital Cooperation would be the best solution to overtake the concerns raised over the capability of AI to serve humanity’s best interest. The development of a common understanding is very important for maintaining control over complex AI-powered global networks. In the near future ways must be developed to come together to exercise control over the large-scale implementation of AI.

Program AI based on human values

It is very necessary to develop policies to assure that AI abides by human values and develop a thorough understanding of the common good. AI technology must meet social and ethical responsibilities to serve society rightfully. The best solution requires the creation of decentralized digital networks trained in empathy and ethics. Global certification and regulation of all AI networks will be of prime importance for the sustainable development of technology.

Prioritize Human Development 

It is essential to raise human competence through reorganizations of political and economic systems. Proper training of humans and an increase in the level of education is very important for working in hands in hands with AI. Humans need to adapt themselves to become compatible with the challenges and opportunities placed by AI.


The present moral panic has all the potential to cut off the benefits of emerging technology caused by AI. Many put strong faith in AI stating that if AI is done right will only empower. It is a common practice that the advancement of any technology has been met with anxiety and fear making the path for great gains for mankind. These generic practice results in the best trait of evolution that is learning to enhance the good brought by change and wisely adapting or altering to the worst. Google has marched ahead of everyone by providing vastly useful AI assistants such as Google Alexa and Home for daily use.

According to the concern about the loss of jobs, it is debated that the use of AI for redundant tasks will motivate people to pursue creative and innovational pursuits. It has become the moral responsibility of global leaders to ensure that none of the socio-economic challenged segments are excluded from the benefits derived from AI.

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