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User Testing Tools for Web Designers: A Comprehensive Guide

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Tools for usability testing are ways to speed up the process, obtain useful information, and respond to inquiries about how customers see and use your product.

They may assist you in putting your website or prototype in front of actual users so you can see how they complete a task and see any potential pain points.

Check out the alternatives below if you’re seeking a tool to assist you in testing how user-friendly your product is but need help figuring out where to begin. To make it easier for you to decide which tools are best for your particular needs, I have produced a list of tools for professional website designers, and designers in general.


Maze is a tool for continuous product discovery that enables product teams to gather and consume user insights continuously. Maze lets you import an established prototype from your design program because it is fully integrated with Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, Marvel, or Sketch.

Using Maze, you can design, carry out, and share comprehensive quantitative and qualitative user tests with your participants over a link. Many capabilities, including task analysis, multiple path analysis, heatmaps, A/B testing, guerilla testing, wireframe testing, and others, are included in its usability testing solution.

Early in the design phase, Maze enables you to conduct research surveys and gather customer input. Blocks like Card Sorts and Tree Tests are further tools you may use to test your information architecture.


Lookback is a user experience (UX) screen recording tool for designers and product managers interested in seeing how users engage with your applications.

Using the testing tools from Lookback, you can examine what your consumers see and gauge their reactions live, on camera, or in person. When you set up a remote test, participants will get a download link to install your app and begin a live session or self-test.

Automatically added recordings show up in your dashboard, where you can arrange them and choose highlights for your team members.

Lookback is an expert in remote real-time user research. Clients praise the platform’s user-friendliness and the ability to see customers interact with their apps in real time, gauge their reactions, and get in touch with them immediately.


For designers, product managers, marketers, and executives, UserTesting provides a range of customer experience (CX) solutions. Customers can be seen, heard, and communicated through their platform using websites, applications, or prototypes.

Insight Core is a toolbox for creating and maintaining unique user research and tests on the platform. Various tools are available through UserTesting, such as Product Insights, which provides pre-formatted tests and same-day video interviews to help you quickly gather authentic user feedback.

By testing your messages on actual clients, another marketing insight enables you to develop better marketing content and campaigns.

Customers especially appreciate UserTesting’s pre-formatted tests, which help businesses get up and running quickly, and the Live Conversation tool, which enables recruiting and same-day scheduling of live interviews. The platform and pricing model of UserTesting are particularly well suited for mid-size and bigger companies’ corporate-wide usability projects.

Optimal Workshop:

Information architecture (IA) tests can use various usability testing methods provided by Optimal Workshop. Researchers and designers use optimal workshops to assess and test how users locate the data they need on websites or mobile apps. Tools for card sorting, tree testing, and first-click testing, as well as other features, are included in its feature set.

Optimal Workshop is advised for its simplicity of use and emphasis on IA testing. A platform is a terrific option for figuring out how customers search for information and navigate, and it provides you with the user input you need to enhance their experience.


You may conduct many research tests and spot usability problems using the remote user research platform, UsabilityHub. The variety of tests you can conduct using the UsabilityHub platform is its strongest suit.

First-click tests, design surveys, preference tests, and five-second tests can all be set up and run. Also, they have a built-in panel of volunteers with over 170,000 eligible testers. Alternatively, you can ask your users to participate in the experiment.

Particularly for a single user, UsabilityHub is praised for how simple and easy it is to use. They have metrics for work duration, open text analysis, click visualizations, and other reporting tools.


Another well-known online usability tool is Loop11, which enables you to test prototypes, A/B, and website usability. You can mix various tasks and questions in your results for a mix of quantitative and qualitative outcomes.

When you don’t have enough time to conduct one-on-one sessions, it’s recommended to conduct unmoderated usability testing because it also has a variety of video, audio, and screen recording tools.

Also, Loop11 provides a participant pool from which recruiters can choose. Loop11 can be an excellent option if you’re searching for a rapid, high-level overview of your website’s operation.


A user testing tool, Userfeel provides you with recorded footage of users performing activities in real-time. You can define the target audience, create a list of activities for testing to accomplish, and then gather user-recorded videos.

For testing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, multilingual testing is offered in 40 different languages. You may narrow down the 90,000 individuals who make up their testing panel by demographic factors like age, country, language, level of web experience, etc.


In the market, there are a variety of usability testing tools that cater to various use cases, capabilities, and price points. Although the majority of them include remote, moderated, and unmoderated usability tests with various features, adopting a testing tool will ultimately save a lot of time and effort.

Carefully weigh your options, consult with your research team, and get ready to assemble the best set of testing tools possible.






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