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Trending Antivirus Software Deals 2023 and Grabbing The Best Offers

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Have you ever tried making a price comparison of antivirus software suites for Operating Systems like Windows? If you ever have attempted then you would definitely know how tricky that task is. For those who have no such experience, it is important to tell that as far as Internet security features and protection from cybercrime and online scams are concerned, these antivirus suites vary widely from one another. This lone factor itself makes the task of a realistic comparison of the price of the products unbelievably difficult.

Moreover, if you have noticed, antivirus brands usually display pretty low and reasonable prices of their products. But that reasonable price is valid only for the first year. Once you renew your subscription you will be charged with a non-discounted price. This renewal price often turns out to be more than twice the amount of the introductory price. This nondiscount actually reflects the amount the money you have to shell out of pocket to stay protected from online hacks and scams.

Most Easily Affordable Antivirus Suites for Windows

In the following sections of the blog post let us go through a few trending software deals for antivirus products. Here are some of the cheapest and pocket-friendly antivirus deals for Windows systems. Hope this list will help you draw a clearer picture of the market trends as well as taking an informed decision when your turn comes.


Avira antivirus has a rating of 3.8 out of 5. This software will cost you around £40 for a year although there is a free version available online. Other than Windows computers, there are separate versions of the online security software for macOS, iOS, and Android. It offers three paid plans that range between £35 and £77 annually. Along with antivirus protection, the brand also offers a VPN (or virtual private network) and a password manager. Moreover, it also covers a host of useful features including ad-blocking. On the downside, Avira does not offer important features like spam filtering, backup, and many others that other antivirus suites do.

Trend Micro

This product bears a rating of 3.8 out of 5. Its price starts at around £30 for the first year. It is important to note that Trend Micro also has a free version of antivirus software. There are many different latest versions of operating systems present in the market like macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.

Trend Micro antivirus software is only a part of a larger group of products. Actually Trend Micro deals in everything ranging from home to enterprise. The home products can be further categorized under four sections, namely –

  • Antivirus + Security
  • Internet security
  • Maximum security and
  • Premium security

A software vendor who deals in lifetime software deals says all these suites are based on the same Trend Micro antivirus engine. But those possess varying features and protect varying number of devices. When additional features are concerned, it offers the following

  • Layered protection from ransomware
  • Booster to the existing Windows Firewall
  • A hardened browser to carry out financial transactions online

The premium version of the security suite offers a VPN as well.


This cyber security software rates 4.2 out of 5 which is pretty impressive. The software at Softwareland will cost you a very little like £30 for a year. By the way a free version of the antivirus is available. There are different versions to safeguard your Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android devices.

The basic program of Bitdefender is Antivirus Plus. Bitdefender Internet Security package includes –

  • A spam filter
  • A firewall
  • A blocker for the webcam
  • Parental control and
  • Microphone monitoring

Bitdefender Total Security covers every element of a feature that was in the previous package. In addition to that it has optimization tools, device cleanup, and a reliable anti-theft system.

When the flip sides of the product are concerned there is no protection against identity theft. Moreover, it only has limited VPN service.


ESET antivirus offers one of the best software deals in recent times. The antivirus has separate versions for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh Operating Systems. Users rate it 3.9 on a scale of 5. A free version is there too although its Essential Protection package will cost you around £30. The features include protection from phishing, viruses, and ransomware. It also protects your system from script-based exploits. There is a block adware, a gamer mode, and supports anti-phishing and anti-spyware. On the other hand, ESET Advanced Protection costs around £38 a year. Additionally, it includes safe online banking tools and an anti-hacking shield along with a host of other features. The ESET Ultimate Protection comes with even more features including a password manager.


For the first year, you have to pay around £30 to get Webroot antivirus protection. Its little advanced version is the Webroot Internet Security Plus with Antivirus. It costs around £45 a year. Its features include account login protection along with tablet and smartphone security. There is also a set of custom-built protection in it for Chromebook. The Webroot Internet Security Complete with Antivirus sells for around £60 a year. This one erases every trace of your online activity.

Antivirus suites normally cost around £30 to £55 a year after the initial subscription. After the first year, you are likely to get discounts on the price and that saves your hard-earned money. A software retailer in the UK renowned for cheap software opines that the price of any antivirus software never equates with its performance and efficiency It is very important to note that even though there are many free versions online with patch codes of antivirus suites available but they are not good as the premium ones those we have. An example can be cited of Bitdefender. According to a large number of cyber security experts Bitdefender’s free version is much better in safeguarding users from cyber scams and online crimes than many other paid suites.

When you shop for antivirus, do not consider the price. Those possible ways you are not likely to make the right software choice online. You should rather consider the features of a product that meet most of your requirements. Suppose the software you have zeroed in upon does not have the features you are looking for. Therefore you can end up paying money for things that you do not want. Thus it cannot be a good deal.

Always buy antivirus online in the UK and other software from trusted sources. Softwareland is a tried and tested online store in the UK that categorically deals in genuine and the latest range of software products. It offers some of the best deals in software shopping that you would love to grab. Stay tuned in with this software vendor to reap benefits.

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