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Top Food Brands Prefer Using Custom Food Boxes – Why?

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Food products are delicate and need highly protected and preserved packaging that can keep the foods’ taste and freshness. Premium standard packaging of food plays a key role in keeping the product safe from spoilage and other harm.

Brands use custom food boxes for packaging their edible products with full safety. These edible product boxes are easy to personalize in any size, shape, design, color, printing, finish, and add-ons. Food chains can create food packaging boxes wholesale according to their specific design requirements considering their food product.

Custom packaging boxes of food products bring many benefits to food brands and help them acquire more new customers, retain old customers, and improve product sales in the highly competitive food market.

Reasons Behind The High Demand For Custom Food Boxes

Renowned food product brands and restaurant chains prefer using custom-made food product boxes due to their extensive marketing benefits. These edible product boxes can play a vital role in the growth of food brands and shine their name in the food market.

However, below are some important reasons why food brands prefer using custom food packaging boxes for their edibles’ wrapping/encasing :

Enclose And Preserve Food Products

Custom food boxes are the best option for edible product encasing. They provide extensive protection to the products and keep them safe from internal and external harmful factors, poor handling, and shocks during delivery.

Consequently, these product custom boxes enclose and encase the foods and preserve their taste and freshness for a long time. That way customers get their bought food product in the original and fresh condition. That’s the reason brands prefer creating customized food packaging boxes for their products.

Sustainable And Sturdy Materials

There’s a large variety of packaging materials that are used in creating product packaging boxes. If the product is food then it needs food-grade packaging such as unbleached kraft, cardboard, and corrugated fiberboard. Food-grade materials don’t have any bad impact on edible products (due to no harmful chemical) such as uncoated and unbleached kraft (“UUK”).

The choice of food box packaging material also depends on the product type and its nature. For instance, if the food product is pizza (fast food) then corrugated cardboard is typically used. That stock provides extensive protection to the delicate pizza product that also ensures the safe delivery of the pizzas to the customers’ doorstep.

Handy And Cost-Effective Food Boxes With Logo

Customized food boxes are easy to use and open that are made with easy-to-personalize cardstock. These product boxes provide a good experience to consumers who prefer to buy the products that are handy for them and they can carry them without any inconvenience.

In addition, you can use any box style and designs according to your themes, colors, and packaging design ideas. You can create custom food boxes with logo of your brand which helps customers remember your company logo and find your branded products in the retail stores. That way you can get more recognition of your brand among your target audience.

If you use paper stock for your food product packaging, you can save a hefty amount of money for your brand. Paper materials are cost-effective for brands who do not have enough budget for their packaging solutions.

Product Display With Essential Printed Details

You can print your custom food kraft packaging boxes using different details about your products and the brands. These essential details educate your target customer about what the product is for and how to use it in an appropriate way.

Moreover, these essential details are also printed on the food display boxes to provide customers with the essential data that can play a key role in enhancing your company’s value high in their eyes. Some of the essential details are :

  • The name of the product
  • Food brand’s name
  • Company address and contacts
  • Ingredients and nutrition facts
  • Manufacturing and expiration date
  • Storage of the product and handling
  • Product use directions
  • FDA approval information
  • Company logo and storyline
  • Promotional details and discounts
  • Many more…

Final Verdict

Above are the key reasons why brands prefer to use custom food boxes for their edible products’ packaging instead of using simple, traditional, and generic product boxes. These custom printed food boxes play a key role in your product promotion, product safety, and winning the attention of consumers.

In addition, the paper stock made food packaging is handy, highly protective, customizable, cost-effective, and sustainable. These features of food boxes make them the best packaging option for brands which can play a key role in growing your brand value in the market.

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