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The Ultimate Guidelines For Custom Two Panel CD Jackets

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A compact disc is a plastic disc that is used as a storage medium, which records, and stores video, audio, and other data in digital form. So the custom two panel CD jacket is used to protect the CD from scratches, dirt, and moisture.

It is one of the most popular and low-cost packaging solutions for all types of CDs. The CD jackets have two panels to place two CDs in one package which also makes it cost-effective. Two panel CD jacket can be printed with a different variety of designs.

The CD packaging is a sleeve that allows you to slide in your disc comfortably. These jackets come with or without sealing strips. They come in affordable prices and strong material is used that won’t break and damage CDs during transportation. The jacket provides a scratch-proof layer on top of valuable discs with all that valuable data.

Why Two Panel CD Jackets

CD jackets are the most popular trend. Two panel CD jacket wholesale packaging can prove to be more useful. They are manufactured by using rigid paper or cardboard and then adjacent these pieces with high-quality glue to bind them. These jackets offer protection from water damage, dirt, dust, and rough surfaces. 

Lightweight and Compact 

Great packaging solutions for products you can choose without fear of the disc getting damaged and scratched. You should keep always this in mind when designing the two panel and six panel CD jacket packaging making them lightweight and thin.

These jackets can easily carry in bags. You can stock and ship many packaged custom two panel CD jacket and discs without worrying about them getting scratched and broken.

Durable and Long-Lasting Materials

The packaging materials for CD jackets make them humidity-proof and ensure maximum safety. CDs and data discs are sensitive and break very easily under pressure and external factors so high-quality materials are used most efficiently in the processing equipment of CD jackets to provide them durability and sturdy. Customized jackets are used to provide long-term storage under any condition and also keep their shapes and the disc inside secure.

Attractive printings

Catchy printings are most important for many types of jackets that help to boost their sales. You can use attractive, accurate, sharp images, and design printings making them exceptional and distinguishable from others. For informative and training purposes, film and movie, research, and software base discs all required suitable printings, you can choose according to the product before applying. The sharpest inks are used to protect the covers and make them long-lasting.

Different types of printing like offset, digital, and 3d printing techniques can apply to CD packaging according to your product needs. You can print typography in unique styles that look readable and adorable at the same time. 3d printed graphics raised texture of typography, images, and patterns will make CD jackets look premium.

Luxury Finishes And Coatings

You can use the highest technology equipment at the time of manufacturing that assures the lavish and smooth finishes for the custom two panel CD jackets. When consumers pick the CDs jackets in the market, they feel the difference in finishes, increasing your perception in their minds as well. 

Moisture-resistance coating options to make the customized CD jackets water-proof and protected from moisture. You can apply UV spot coatings which help to protect the harmful rays in addition to moisture. These coatings give a shiny appearance to the packaging and keep the CDs safe from dust. 

  • Spot UV
  • Gloss lamination 
  • Matte lamination
  • Aq coatings
  • Debossing
  • Embossing
  • Foiling
  • Gloss UV
  • Matt UV

Suitable Material Solution

Kraft and cardboard materials are ideal for making the jackets. Most brands are used brown kraft paper due to its organic nature. They are eco-friendly,  reusable, and suitable for every product. Almost every consumer is looking for environment-friendly boxes and kraft boxes are usable for many purposes. Lightweight CDs fit well into kraft boxes and customers highly demand durable and sturdy boxes.

Cardboard paper is a good option for display packaging. They keep DVDs and CDs in good condition, protected and secure from damage inside the box for long life. Cardboard paper is the perfect material for prints, additional finishings, coatings, and laminations. This material is used when customers need highly protective packaging.


Custom two panel CD jackets are visually appealing packaging solutions for CDs. When designing these jackets it’s important to utilize attractive designs, catchy printings, and readable texts. 

You can create the CDs jackets that represent the content, attract the audience and leave a positive and lasting impression. High-quality materials and coating can enhance the safety of your jackets. Printing with a logo is a useful method to give the brand’s product a distinctive identity.

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