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T20 World Cup Winners List: A Journey of Champions From 2007 to 2022

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Cricket is the most watchable sport in the world and the T20 format increases its popularity. In 2007 ICC started the world cup tournament in the t20 format. 

The T20 world cup is a great medium to know about the capability of any team to win as there are only 20 overs to play. To win, players have to be active enough as they can’t risk missing even a single ball. Here we have listed the t20 world cup list below: 

  1. In 2007 the first t20 world cup was held. Then,
  2. In 2009 
  3. In 2010 
  4. In 2012 
  5. In 2014 
  6. In 2016 
  7. In 2021 
  8. In 2022

Now the 9th Upcoming World Cup is in 2024 which will be hosted by the west indies and the USA.

The first t20 world cup is won by India after defeating Pakistan in the finals. Then the tournament was hosted by South Africa.

West Indies and England are the only teams who have won the t20 titles twice. West Indies hold the title in 2012 and then in the 2016 t20 world cup. whereas England won the t20 title in the 2010 and 2022 world cup.

The latest 2022 world cup t20 was won by England by defeating Pakistan in the finals by 5 wickets. The event was held in Australia.

List the T20 world cup winners

The T20 world cup, double up the craze for cricket. It’s like a festive season mainly for Cricket lovers. Prior, people used to occupy televisions at home, create a cinematic environment and used to enjoy the tournament. With the advancement in the world, sources of enjoyment also advanced. Instead of tv, sports streaming sites have become the source to watch t20 for some people. Anyways, the craze for the world cup is still the same. Now let’s talk about the t20 winners.

Here we have listed the t20 world cup winners list :

  • India won the first t20 world cup by defeating Pakistan by 5 runs.
  • The second world cup is won by Pakistan defeating Sri Lanka by 8 wickets
  • The third world cup was won by England which was hosted in the West Indies.
  • The fourth world cup was won by West Indies in the finals which was against Sri Lanka.
  • The fifth world cup was won by Sri Lanka. India is the first runner-up in this tournament
  • The sixth world cup was again won by the West Indies after defeating England by four wickets in the finals. This 2016 world cup was hosted in India.
  • The seventh t20 world cup was held after a 5-year-long gap that was won by Australia( Who defeats new zealand in the finals.) 
  • The 2022 world cup which was held in Australia was won by England after defeating Pakistan in the finals by 5 wickets.

Final thoughts

The T20 world cup brings craze among people. They do cheer for their respective teams. Players try their best to lead their team in the finals and won the title.

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