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Stunning tips for performing Umrah on Easter

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Umrah is the sacred and highly recommended journey toward Allah’s house. Easter is the best time to perform umrah with family and friends. Most people visit adventure spots during their holidays so, If you want to spend this easter in religious activities, then Easter umrah packages may be the best option for you.

During umrah in easter travel agents offer different deals and discounts on Easter umrah packages. So, you can book according to your desire and requirements. Umrah is the best way to wipe out previous sins and take a new refreshing start. It also teaches us brotherhood and provides us strength to fight against evil forces.

Umrah packages are getting expensive daily, but don’t worry; we have a solution. Visit 7 continents travel for affordable umrah deals. They have been working in this industry so long that you can trust them without hesitation.

They have a well professional team who can solve your issues related to packages and so on. Book your easter umrah packages and make this easter memorable for you and your family.

Book your package beforehand

This tip is handy, but many people don’t implement it. At the last moment, you cannot grab the best deals at low prices. But if you book your packages in advance, you can get desirable deals for your family. It is the smart move to save money and time. Moreover, you can customize your packages as well.

Booking your Easter holiday umrah, in advance also allows you to have more options. You can take the time to research different packages and compare prices, services, and amenities. This way, you can select the package that best suits your needs and preferences. Also, booking early ensures you have a better chance of getting the dates and accommodations you want, especially if you travel during peak season.

Another advantage of booking your Umrah package in advance is that you can spread out the cost over time. Many travel companies offer payment plans allowing you to pay for your package in installments rather than the total amount upfront. Budgeting for your trip can make it easier and avoid financial stress or burden.

Only carry essential items

Umrah is a sacred journey; pilgrims perform it for forgiveness and blessings. So, remember you are going for prayer and performing rituals, not for fun. Always list the necessary things that can make your experience better and hassle-free. Avoid spare things that are nothing except overloading.


It is the dress of umrah without wearing it, you cannot perform umrah. Many people wear this dress when they leave home, but others wear it at a specific point. This white dress reminds us of the day of judgment. Always keep this dress in your bag before departure.

Comfortable footwear

Umrah’s journey is comprised of running and walking. So without comfortable footwear, you cannot perform umrah rituals comfortably. Always choose lightweight shoes that provide you with good support.


Always carry daily usage medicines if you are visiting holy cities. If you are not taking regular medication, you can pick general medicines like cough, cold, fever, and so on.

Comfortable clothes

Try to wear comfortable and light clothes during the umrah journey. Because most of the time, weather conditions stay hot in Makkah and Madina. So, delicate weighted garments are easy to wear

Modified your easter umrah packages

It is another beneficiary tip if you plan to perform umrah in easter. But many agents do not tell about this tip.

You modified your easter umrah packages according to your needs because everyone has different preferences. 7 continents travel allows you to select your easter umrah packages according to your desires.

If you want to add some services to existing packages, you have to only pay for those services without any extra charges. The same goes for excluding as well. You can discuss your budget with the travel agent if it is tight. They will mould the packages according to your needs. 7 continents travel provides you with top-notch amenities at a reasonable price

Easter is a time of spiritual reflection and renewal for Muslims worldwide. What better way to celebrate this special occasion than embarking on a faith journey to the holy city of Mecca for Umrah? At this time of year, many Muslim pilgrims from around the globe flock to the birthplace of Islam to perform their Umrah rites and experience the awe-inspiring beauty and majesty of the Kaaba and Masjid al-Haram.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, our Easter Umrah packages offer various options that cater to your budget, travel dates, and preferred comfort level. From basic economy packages to five-star luxury packages, we have something for everyone.


Easter umrah packages are the best way to spend your holidays in religious activities. We have talked about some tips that will help you during your journey. Umrah is excellent worship, and everyone should perform with honesty and devotion if they want to take the full reward of this beautiful journey. I hope you liked this information.

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