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Ultimate Guide to Fashion Street Shopping in Mumbai

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Street shopping in Mumbai is one of the unique experiences you can have while exploring this bustling city of dreams. The city offers travelers a wide array of affordable activities, from beach strolling to street shopping. Street shopping in Mumbai should be on your bucket list to get to know the pulse of fashion in the city.

Whether you are a dweller or a traveler in Mumbai, the shopping experience has something for everyone. You can find various ranges of clothing, from ethnic wear to trendy clothes. Especially if you are looking for a budget-friendly shopping spree, the streets of Mumbai are waiting for you.

Being a hub of fashion, street shopping is an integral part of the culture of the city. Here is the curated list of street shopping places in Mumbai you can explore for street shopping:

  • Colaba Causeway
  • Linking Road
  • Hill Road
  • Crawford Market
  • Zaveri Bazaar

 Colaba Causeway

Colaba Causeway is one of the best street shopping places in Mumbai. This place resides in the heart of the city, i.e., South Mumbai. You can delve into the world of clothing for trendy fashion finds, including clothes, footwear, jewelry, and bags.

There are several national and international brands of unique clothing available on the market for shopaholics. Be ready to haggle and bargain with street vendors to get the best prices for your best outfits. You can also chill out in the vibrant cafes and restaurants at this place.

 Linking Road

Linking Road is one of the most famous shopping destinations and is located in the suburb of Bandra. You can find some of the best designer knockoffs, trendy clothes, and accessories in this market. If you are looking for a variety of shoes, head out towards the Linking Road without a second thought. You will encounter the most diverse range of shoes at this place. All fashion enthusiasts who are visiting Mumbai must explore this place in the evening to view the splendid hustle and bustle in the marketplace. Due to its abundance of cafes and restaurants, Linking Road is a great place to go shopping and dine with your friends and family.

Hill Road

Hill Road is a part of Bandra Bazaar. It is also known as Elco in Mumbai. You can shop from here without thinking about your budget. There are shopping destinations in the Hill Road market area that offer the most affordable and trendy outfits.

You can munch on the famous street foods of Mumbai while eating out at street food stalls and cafes in the Hill Road market. While eating at this place, do not forget to cherish your taste buds with sprouted pani puri from a legendary restaurant, Elco.

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 Crawford Market

Crawford Market is one of the most iconic and oldest street shopping places in Mumbai. It is known for its diversity in the clothing section. There are two sides to the marketplace. One side is available for decor items, clothing, shoes, and novelty items. On the other side of the market, you can explore Victorian buildings swamped with stalls selling baking goods, dry fruits, and spices. The unique selling point of this place is its cosmetic market, which is filled with beauty products. For beauty product enthusiasts, it can be the best place to shop in Mumbai. When you explore this place, you can feel its vibes.

Zaveri Bazaar

If you are thinking of buying jewelry for a party or occasion, just head out to Zaveri Bazaar. It is the perfect place for jewelry shopping across the city. Zaveri Bazaar controls 60% of India’s gold trade, including the diamond and silver

Zaveri Bazaar is a renowned area in Mumbai that is also one of the most famous jewelry markets in India. It is located at Kalbadevi Market in Mumbai. Zaveri Bazar is a splendid area to look around and find one-of-a-kind jewelry while exploring the bright and busy environment of Mumbai’s streets. You can find an extensive range of expensive and inexpensive jewelry items. Many vendors sell imitation jewelry, which is so refined that it is difficult to distinguish it from real jewelry.

If you are visiting Mumbai for the first time, then there is a suggestion for you to take one of your native friends with you while shopping in these markets. It will be a great help for you while navigating the bustling street shopping places in Mumbai. You should have a list beforehand before you head out to shop in Mumbai to avoid any hassles of searching for things at the wrong place.

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