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Selling Old Jewelleries – A Smart and Savvy Way

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For centuries, people have used gold or diamond as an investment option. Selling jewellery is a very common fashion all over the globe to arrange for cash during an emergency.

What Are the Necessary Things One Should Know Before Selling Jewellery?

Most of cases, it has been observed that people are getting much lower than the expectation while selling jewellery for cash. In order to avoid this kind of disappointment, one can follow some points before selling any kind of jewellery.

  • Invoice

A genuine jeweller will always ask for the invoice when you go to sell your designer jewellery. If you are going to the same shop from where you purchased the piece even years before, the retailer can’t show any doubt, as the details of the same will be clearly stated in the bill of purchase.

  • Worth

It is very vital to have proper knowledge about the worth of the jewellery that you are trying to sell. That is why, taking quotations from multiple stores is needed in this scenario.

  • Purity check

Before you sell your unwanted jewellery, it is important to check the purity of the same first.

  • Final price

In the process of selling jewellery, undoubtedly, one will lose out on the making charge paid at the time of purchase as well as the tax paid too.

  • Where to sell

The best option for selling jewellery is to go to a well-known jewellery store because there will be chances of getting a fair and highest price.

Where To Sell My Gold and Diamond Jewellery?

After coming to the decision to sell my old jewellery, for me the very next step is to find an ideal place to sell it. So, a list of some jewellery buyers has to be made first at this point. The one that can fulfil all my requirements can be considered as the best place to Sell My Gold Jewellery and sell my diamond jewellery as well:

  • A gold or diamond buyer should have employed professionals who know the standard practices of the industry. Also, proper valuation and following the standard buying process must be maintained throughout the procedure.
  • Choosing the best place to sell your jewellery is uttermost important as they have experienced professionals. And they can ensure that the jewellery will get evaluated in the right manner.
  • The perfect way to recognize an ideal buyer is to know their buying process. Genuine buyers always follow the complete transparent process.
  • In the time of selling jewellery for cash, he obviously expects a good value out of it. Thus, checking with different buyers and getting an estimation is very important.
  • It is very crucial for one to sell the jewellery at a secure place where the buyer never makes a person confuse.

Why Do People Trust Buymydiamond While Buying or Selling Their Valuables?

BuyMyDiamond, which deals in any jewellery piece, and have a team of professionals with great skill and expertise in this field. Thus, one can easily trust their expert jewellery appraisers to offer the correct jewellery valuation for the ornaments and timepieces. The main goal of the service provider is to provide quality jewellery and engraving services as well.

Along with this, they also give their customers a rapid and dependable postal system so that the customers can deliver their valuables without spending a penny from their side.

Supporting a client is the main focus of the company. They are always ready to offer the most attractive and correct price for customers’ stones and metals.

The services that BuyMyDiamond offer are countersigned by IGI, HRD, GIA certified loose diamonds and there is no doubt that the diamonds are known as the best in this field.

Is It a Good Idea to Sell Old Jewellery Online?

Of course, it is a good idea to sell second-hand jewellery online, as it is a quick way to get maximum buyers.

At Buy My Diamond, one can receive a free-of-cost assessment while going to sell jewellery. The experts are happily there to educate the customers about knowing the actual market price of the pieces. At Buy My Diamond, they accept everything no matter if it is a branded one or not. Another great thing is that they give the resale amount to the consumers either in a cheque, cash, bank transfer or even UPI.


An ISO Certified company, modern technology and spot payment are the most important things one should take care of while ready to buy or sell his valuable assets.

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