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Rumors About The IELTS Exam

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Nowadays youth is crazy behind in the IELTS exam. They all share a similar dream of going abroad and carrying on their higher studies. The IELTS exam can be easy for some but students if they have a good background and basic English knowledge. However, for those who are new to learning the English language, it can be a hard nut to crack. Reading, listening, writing, and speaking are four modules of IELTS. None of them is easy if you don`t have enough English knowledge. IELTS is nowadays in demand and is too popular. Subsequently, when something goes in trend then its rumors increase day by day. That`s why today we are going to discuss some rumors about the IELTS exam.

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Rumors We Hear About The IELTS Exam

Speaking Part Is The Most Essential Component Of The IELTS Test

Many candidates believe that speaking is the most important one among the four modules of the IELTS exam. But, in reality, every single module is similarly valuable. Your overall band score is calculated by summing up all four modules and speaking is just like any other module. The only difference is that the speaking exam is held some days before or after other exams not on the same day as the other 3 modules. 

You can easily find answers in the reading section.

In reading one myth that is in trend is that you can easily find answers in the exam hall. But, in reality, that is not true. There will be three passages in the reading. One will be easy which you will be able to easily complete, the other one will be moderate which will be a little tougher than the first one and lastly third one is going to be difficult and you will spend much time on the 3rd passage as compared to the first 2 ones. They can be in any order, so working hard and practicing more and more is the best way of being ready for IELTS reading. If you do enough practice then any passage will be easy for you. But, it all depends on you and your hard work. Don`t believe that in the exam hall, you will be able to complete everything easily without trying regularly before. 

You Will Get More Marks By Writing More 

The word count requirement is crucial. Task 1 in IELTS Writing demands a minimum of 150 words while task 2 which is a little lengthy asks for 250 words. You will receive fewer points if you write less. The more you write, though, does not necessarily translate into higher grades. Instead, it is crucial that you employ proper syntax, a variety of vocabulary, and sentence patterns. Don`t waste your time writing more and more and going off-topic. In contrast, try to write only according to the word limit and keep it simple, short but interesting. There are many students that try to extend their writing tasks but at last, but they face time trouble in ending the task properly. Missing any portion of the format will only assist them to reduce points from your bands. 

If my writing or speaking test responses differ from the examiner’s thoughts, I Will Get Low Bands 

There are no right or wrong answers on the writing and speaking portions of the test. Your ability to report information and communicate ideas in English is being evaluated by the examiner. He does not care about your views on any topic. He is just testing that is your ability to communicate in English properly. Also are you able to understand and respond to the examiner in time without facing any problems? 

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Above mentioned are some major myths that students hear while preparing for their IELTS exam. 

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