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Prospective Residential and Commercial Real Estate Owners Can Rely on Amini Construction

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The Canadian construction industry has come under constant scrutiny for several reasons. First, the country has a nationwide housing shortage, which a lack of new construction has accentuated. Moreover, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation notes that affordability is a significant challenge for residential and commercial property owners.

That’s where Amini Construction comes into the mix. The company hopes to usher in a new era for the construction industry. Elaborating on it further, Mehrdad Amini shared, “The construction industry is changing rapidly. People want and deserve full transparency every step along the way of their project. We have implemented many tools and resources with our clients to ensure they are informed of everything every step of the way. Social media is a great example of transparency. We share everything we do with the world because we are confident in our artistry and, as a result, want to be leaders in the construction space.”

Mehrdad Amini started Amini Construction in 2020 during COVID. The pandemic was at its peak, making it difficult for the full-service construction and general contract business to acquire customers. However, Mehrdad had a well-thought-out plan to maximize reach and attract as many clients as possible by adopting a shrewd digital marketing strategy. The company works on all types of projects. Whether you need a few walls knocked down or want to build your new home, Amini Construction is ready to help both residential and commercial owners with their needs. “Our goal is to provide outstanding results at reasonable prices. Our attention to detail, flexibility, and attentive customer service make us one of the most reputable companies in the area,” Mehrdad stated.

The company currently only works in Vancouver and specializes in residential and commercial projects. Its portfolio consists of home renovations, restaurants, and commercial tenant improvements. Each project is handled with integrity, and professional and premium quality materials are used to deliver the best results possible. While Amini Construction only works in Vancouver right now, it plans to expand into the US market within the next year or two.

Amini Construction’s success stems from refraining from following a one-size-fits-all approach for development projects. Instead, the company believes everyone – whether a residential or commercial property owner – has a unique vision for their property. Thus, the company prides itself on always learning and improving. The company’s founder and CEO noted, “Today’s homeowners want their property to operate as smoothly as possible. They want the project to be completed within budget and on schedule, and they want the workers on their property to understand what is expected of them and to work efficiently.”

Amini construction

He continued, “So our strategy is simple: we treat our clients as though they were the client themselves. Our only goal is to provide the best and most professional service we possibly can to all residential and commercial owners. So our strategy is simple – treat your clients as though you were the client yourself. How would I want my project to go? How would I want my contractor to treat me? What are my expectations of the workers on my property?”

Amini Construction aims to become a construction industry pioneer. As a result, the organization is focusing on collaborating with other experienced people in the space, including suppliers, interior designers, etc. The company has also partnered with new material suppliers and experienced interior designers. But collaborating isn’t useful if prospective homeowners don’t know what the company offers. Hence, social media is at the forefront of Amini Construction in order to showcase itself as one of the leaders in the market. If you are looking for state-of-the-art residential or commercial construction or renovations, Amini Construction has you covered!

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