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What to Consider Before Placing an Order for Adidas Prescription Glasses Online?

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It could seem a little confusing if you’ve never ordered Rx glasses online, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. You can buy confidently on your time and save money if you have the right information on hand and make your purchase from a reputable merchant with a reasonable return policy.

Grab a valid prescription

  • For fresh prescriptions: You will require a current prescription regardless of the online retailer you select for your Adidas prescription glasses. This typically means that you must first schedule a consultation with your normal eye doctor. While you may arrange an eye exam through some retailers’ websites, like, genuine exams are still conducted in person. Your eye doctor should examine your eyes carefully to ensure that all is well and working as it should.
  • For updating prescriptions. You can renew your prescription with an online vision test on some websites, including, but only if your medical condition fits and the existing prescription is still effective. You’ll probably have to pay, but it won’t be much.

Measure the distance between your papillae

You will want an up-to-date prescription along with your pupillary distance (PD), which is the length between the centers of your pupils as measured in millimeters. This number is crucial because it indicates the location of the eyewear lens that you will be using to view the world. You can end up with distorted or unclear images if it’s inaccurate.

The ideal choice is to have your optometrist evaluate PD during an eye test and provide you with your prescription for the most precise outcome. Additionally, you have the choice of using internet resources to measure PD.

Select the Type of Lens

There are three main categories of lenses according to Doctors.

  • Single prescription correction covers the full surface of a single-vision lens. These lenses come in farsighted, nearsighted, and astigmatic prescriptions.
  • Multifocal: Lenses that integrate more than two optical power areas into one lens are known as multifocal lenses. A trifocal lens has three distances, while bifocal lenses are made to be clear at two distinct distances.
  • A bifocal lens typically has two zones of vision that are clear: close-up and around the room. A distinct zone of vision in the middle between distant and close vision is an additional feature of trifocals.
  • Progressives: These gradually alter zones from far to close up, offering clear vision at both extremes.”

Select a lens coating

The majority of vendors also provide you with the choice of adding various finishes on lenses while buying Adidas eyeglass frames. Here are a few well-known types:

  • Anti-reflective: Lenses that bounce a greater amount of light, like polycarbonate and high index lenses, should be coated with anti-reflecting (AR) coatings. Halos around lights are reduced by AR coatings, making them particularly useful for nighttime driving. Anyone who uses a computer screen frequently could find them useful.
  • Anti-scratch: At the moment, a lot of plastic lenses have anti-scratch coating built in. However, plastic is soft and requires an anti-scratch coating if it does not have scratch protection. Consider purchasing lenses that are robust or have an anti-scratch coating if you have children or if you tend to treat your eyewear roughly.
  • Anti-fog: These coatings help to minimize humidity condensation that can happen to go from inside to the outdoors, especially during winter.
  • Blue light blocking: This coating is possibly one of the most appreciated accessories and work to lessen eye strain by filtering the blue light that displays emit. Anyone who frequently uses prescription glasses while using a computer should consider this option.
  • Transition: Another popular add-on, this coating lets your lenses change from clear to shades automatically when exposed to sunlight and back to clear again when you are out of the sun.

Additional Advice for Online rx glasses buying

Check your eligibility for an HSA or FSA because the top online retailers for prescription eyewear also take cash from these accounts and vision insurance. If you qualify, choose an eyewear retailer that accepts these programs to save money in your wallet.

The majority of online eyeglass retailers provide an accuracy guarantee; if the glasses aren’t right, they’ll give you a new pair or replace the ones you already have. However, you’ll need to notify them soon, typically within 30 days after receiving the glasses.

Remember that your eyes may need some time to become used to new Adidas eyeglasses, particularly if your prescription has changed. Give yourself a week to adjust to your freshly purchased pair, and if you’re still experiencing issues, ask for assistance in fixing them and perhaps a replacement.

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