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Maximizing ChatGPT 3’s Potential with AI Detector Tool

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Maximizing ChatGPT 3’s Potential with AI Detector Tool

AI Detector tool is actually built to detect the ChatGPT or other AI-Content Generated text present in the content.

OpenAI has  developed ChatGPT which is an AI-based chatbot and it is trained by GPT-3. ChatGPT is an application that can be used to generate contents or texts about the given keyword or topic name as input by the users. The generated text or content has natural language that exactly looks like the content is written by a human writer. ChatGPT can be used as text generation, conversational interfaces, and systems of customer service. This application can generate contents or texts of poems, novels, educational topics, and further topics.

The reason of generating different topics of contents quickly is that ChatGPT is trained by using the internet data.

ChatGPT uses GPT-3 to generate the content about a given topic by taking a small input and provides large content output.

GPT-3 is a language model that provides AI applications the ability to generate text or content. It can generate the content or text about the requested topic by the users.

The content generated by ChatGPT or any other similar tool is not referred as the original content. When people use AI-generated content for their website then it will not be approved by search engine Google.

Search engines give more preference to websites that have unique content with proper grammar and readability. When the website content is unique then there are higher chances of ranking better in the SERPs. This can result in a high number of visitors on the websites.

For detecting the AI generated content, AI detector tools are developed that can be used by anyone to make sure the content is human-written.

But there are some ways people can do some changes in AI generated content to prevent from getting flagged by AI content detector.

Uses of ChatGPT

Generates content as human-written – The content generated by an AI tool is the same as it is written by a human. It produces content in natural language that is understandable by humans. It has some indications that can be identified by the AI detector tools.

Lengthy content with less input – ChatGPT can generate content or text about different topics by entering a name of topic or a keyword. It may take some time to generate the text or content that is asked by users.

Availability – As the machines or software’s are available anytime and they can be accessed anytime by the users for generating content.

Limitations of ChatGPT

Less Accurate – The content generated by ChatGPT or any other similar application is not fully accurate. The reason is applications like ChatGPT is trained on the internet data that means they generate content by analyzing the contents on online sources.

Biased content – It can generate biased content on people skin color, gender discrimination, and further that may cause misunderstanding among people. It may also be misused by wrong people for producing misinformation about a person or an organization.

Not skilled – ChatGPT and other applications generated content is not creative and are provided as they are programmed. Humans have creativity, skills, and can think out of the box to bring new ideas. The content or text written by a human writer without help of any tool is unique and creative.

Best Tools to detect AI-Generated content.

Grammica AI Detector

Grammica AI Detector is a free online tool that can be used multiple times for checking the content to make sure it is written by human not by an AI tool. If your content has AI generated text, then you can rewrite it to make it original.

This AI content detector is the best tool to verify the content to know human content score. It is simple to use as you have to write or paste the content in the given input box and click the check button.

Within a few seconds, the results will be displayed with accuracy by showing a human-written content score. By knowing the score of content, you can make improvements in the content for a higher score.


Crossplag is an AI content detector that can verify the content to detect AI-generated content and shows rating on score bar. It is free and easy to use online tool for checking the human written score of content.

Here in this tool also you have to enter or copy-paste the content in the given text box then clicks the Check button. In some seconds, it will be rating on the score bar that is available on the right side.


Copyleaks is an online AI content detector tool that can be used to find out the content generated by AI content generators with cnpp ro creare cont.

To check the content, you have to paste the content in its input box and in some time the results will be displayed.

It is a free tool and has a simple to use interface that can be used by anyone who wants to check their content.

Overview of Blog

There can be a number of uses of ChatGPT but the content written by the human is the original content. We have given the information about the benefits and limitations of ChatGPT. Also, we have recommended you the best AI detector tools for detecting AI-generated contents or texts.

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