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IoT is Changing the Perspective in Healthcare

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Internet of Things or we can say the internet of medical things has taken the healthcare industry by storm. Now your health can easily be monitored through IoT-enabled smart wearables ensuring better health at all times. The development of and future of artificial intelligence and IoT in medical science has led humans to explore unknown frontiers. The complex surgeries of the brain and heart performed by the IoT robotics team are the best example of the value that it inherits for the near future. Healthcare faces new challenges daily such as emergencies and the spread of chronic diseases. IoT devices are doing a fantastic job of collecting public health data that can be used to derive solutions for healthcare problems. Smart sensors and remote monitoring systems are the new age medical watchdogs of people.

IoT machines and smart medicines are paving way for a very safe and secure future for the coming civilization. The rise of Electronic Health Records eased the burdens of healthcare practitioners as well as for the patients and the family. The advancement in IoT robotics has led to early-stage detection of any deadly diseases and saved millions of lives today. The IoT-powered devices today are capable of measuring air and water quality thus adding to the benefits for mankind. Keeping track of the health status of patients at all times has never been easier, thanks to IoT engineers!!!

IoT has a big role play in shaping the future of human health as well as for the whole of medical science. It is not an unknown fact that IoT is considered a hope for the survival of humans for many generations ahead. IoT today is eliminating all kinds of disabilities with solutions such as ahead of prosthetics. When Stephen Hawking was paralyzed for life everyone lost hope but IOT leased him new life thus earning acceptance among healthcare. IoT is being used to study all possibilities for life on other planets. The concepts of automation and personalization are being introduced through IoT to improve public health, education, and administration.  The particular article will reveal some of the areas where IoT is serving healthcare like never thought of before.

What is the future of IoT in healthcare? 

Concepts such as intelligent connected devices, smart hospitals, and telehealth have now become a regular practice due to the growth of IoT. The use of IoT-powered prosthetics has brought machines closer to humans. Public organizations are putting faith in IoT for making healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone. IOT backed health wearable is providing daily medical assistance thus saving a lot of time and energy and even lives. The day is not far when you are going to be treated by an IOT robot in any general healthcare case. People who cannot visit healthcare centers frequently can benefit from IoT build medical assistants or nurses. Let us discuss in detail what role exactly is IoT playing in healthcare along with its prospects.

Telemedicine and telehealth

Telehealth and telemedicine have taken healthcare to every corner where life is present on earth. It has taken medical assistance to the poles and even into the depth of the deep oceans. Attempts are being made to monitor the health status of all types of flora and fauna present on earth with the help of IoT. Now people who are trapped in seas and remote regions or the people residing far away from towns need not worry about their health. In the coming decade, attempts are being made to make every region of earth accessible to healthcare as well as medicine. Telehealth is considered the future of medicine with services such as chronic disease monitoring, long-distance clinical healthcare, and disaster management. Now you can consult your doctor from your preferred location and can even receive the medicines too. Shortly, IoT-made drones will deliver medicines in any form of urgency at any location.

Currently, live video monitoring is being used to deliver healthcare including audiovisual diagnosis. The data collected by IoT devices can be matched with the global database for precise and quick treatment even at remote places. Patients are no longer required to stay for a long duration at hospitals. The rise of smartphones and mobile applications has made mobile health a reality. Mobile health-based IoT is going to play an important role in improving public health practice. In the case of epidemics and disease outbreaks, IOT based telehealth will play the role of a lifesaver. Medical practitioners are already using IoT to collect data samples of remote patients and deliver insights. The future will witness the complete treatment of patients through IoT bots at their preferred location.

IoT-based mobile health will maintain your health status at all times and will even send emergency notifications if required.

Intelligent Connected Devices

Smart IOT based wearable has become very popular to monitor individual and personal health. Home-based health monitors have added a lot of personalization in the healthcare industry. Now you can keep complete track of your vital fitness indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, and sugar levels. These fitness watches are a big hit everywhere and are leading to a healthier lifestyle. Many cases are reported where lives are saved due to emergency alerts sent by these IoT bands. Life support instruments such as defibrillators, insulin pumps, cardiac monitoring devices, and oxygen tanks all are very well connected with IoT. One of the best advantages of IoT-connected medical devices is that it provides healthcare professionals and their patients with valuable real-time information.

Many public and private organizations are planning to launch a public-based affordable wellness solution device. The IoT devices nowadays are integrated with a cloud-based platform which makes it very easy to store, transfer and display clinical data. The clinical data collected by the global network can be used to research for the benefit of healthcare as well as mankind. Hence putting trust in advance IoT will result in great benefits such as disease eradication, reduced costs, and accessible healthcare.

Smart IoT Hospital

IoT is doing the heroic job of strengthening the digital infrastructure of the hospital itself. Many large firms such as Google and universities such as Carnegie Mellon are making IoT robots that can fit into the hospital architecture. A combination of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and IOT are doing jobs that were considered impossible before. Attempts are being made to automate and personalize every possible task with the help of some smart hospitals. Devices are already been deployed that are assisting staff in normal tasks such as controlling lights and maintaining temperature. Robotic arms are deployed in hospitals to help doctors perform important duties such as surgeries. IoT enabled hearable and voice devices are helping people overcome their disabilities in a very easy manner.

Ingestible sensors for diabetes patients and mood-stabilizing devices are the future of IoT in healthcare. IoT based drones are helping blind people navigate with great ease. Thus this not going to stop as the journey of IoT in healthcare has only begun. Still, remain challenges such as data security and high costs of IoT that need to be tackled tactfully shortly.


It is a proven fact that IOT integrated medical devices is the future of healthcare. The beneficiaries of IoT will vastly consist of elderly patients and chronic conditions with the need of all time supervision. Market experts claim that spending on IoT in healthcare solutions will cross the $1 trillion mark easily by 2025. Governments of all nations must come together for the global development of the IoT to provide its benefits to all. IoT faces many hurdles such as regulatory frameworks and economic discrepancies but still, it is our best hope of a safe and healthy future. It is a very motivating fact that around 2020 almost 90 % of healthcare institutions will have their IoT infrastructure.

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