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Important Facts To Consider When Using Viton O-Rings

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Nitrile is an organic compound that has the chemical formula R-CN in its typical form. Synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomers are simply referred to as “Viton” under this nomenclature. Nitrile and Viton O-rings are the two most widely used permitted elastomers. Viton is referred to as Fluorocarbon rubber, whereas Nitrile is frequently referred to as NBR.

Due to their strong compression resistance and other characteristics, NBR and Viton are both often employed in industrial environments. Nitrile and Viton differ in terms of their attributes, uses, and properties.

The following are some important facts to think about if you wish to use Viton O-rings or NBR.

NBR vs Viton O-Rings

Viton and NBR O-Rings Kits are kits that offer a solution and are used to replace seals. For diverse sealing requirements like exposure to the elements, chemical resistance, and a variety of temperatures, there are numerous solutions available. Before purchasing an O Ring kit, you should consider consulting with the suppliers carefully.

Viton O-Rings

Viton O-Rings

Splicing, Metric O-Ring Supplier, and Parker O-Rings Kits are available choices for Viton and NBR O-Rings Kits. Weather, acid, heat, ozone, oil, and flame are all things that Viton O Ring KITS are good at providing exceptional chemical resistance against. The chemical resistance of NBR O-Rings Kits to oil, dilute acids, alkaline, and fuel is good.

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Viton and Nitrile – The Difference

The Appearance

Viton is a green-brown color, while nitrile is yellow.


Welcome to our website all about using Viton O-Rings! Discover the benefits, applications, and maintenance tips for these high-performance elastomers. Find everything you need to know in one place. Carbon serves as the primary constituent of nitrile compounds, and hydrogen serves as a butadiene monomer. As a flour elastomer, Viton is a compound made primarily of carbon, fluorine, and hydrogen.

Operating Temperature

The temperature range between a lower temperature of -30°C and a higher temperature of 100°C is where NBR O-Rings Kits perform best. Viton O Rings KITS, on the other hand, can function better between temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as 210°C. You may look them up on websites that sell O Ring kits.


The resistance to common applications, petroleum oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons, hydraulic fluids, and water is best provided by nitrile. Viton is best suited for applications that require a high degree of chemical and thermal resistance. These include halogenated hydrocarbons, acids, oils, gases, silicon fluids, and aromatic gases.


When used, nitrile is a material that performs best with chemical and temperature resistance. Appliances used in chemical processing and automotive are the best places to use Viton.

Cost of Viton vs. Nitrile

Nitrile is more affordable than Viton compound. Nitride costs about 15 times less than Viton does. The same O Ring kits suppliers stock Viton and NBR O-Rings Kits, despite their differing costs. Discover the Cost Comparison of Viton and Nitrile Rubber! Our website provides a concise analysis of the price differences, helping you make informed decisions for your industrial sealing and automotive needs.

Environmental Qualities

A very wide chemical range of resistance is available in Viton O Rings. Mold, UV exposure, oxidation, ozone, and fungus can all be avoided by using Viton and its kits. Viton is made specifically to withstand products that contain oils or lubricants. Nitride is best at tear and abrasion resistance in heavy-duty applications in industries, however, it is inferior to Viton in terms of weather ability.


The material properties and temperature range are thus the key differences between Viton and NBR.

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