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How to Treat Male Premature Ejaculation Effectively?

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Premature ejaculation is one of the main sexual issues that many men suffer from worldwide. Premature ejaculation mostly occurs when a guy has rapid or uncontrollable orgasms. The orgasm of a man who ejaculates prematurely may come on suddenly, but it cannot be delayed.

Keep in mind that early ejaculation reduces sexual pleasure for both the experienced individual and his partner. Exercises, certain natural cures, and prescriptions are all effective treatments for men who have premature ejaculation. You become aware of the sensations and learn how to simply manage them after the issue has been resolved.

Individuals who have premature ejaculation often struggle with despair and anxiety. Moreover, individuals sometimes even refrain from engaging in sexual activity. Yet, you may now benefit from therapies.

Premature ejaculation strategies

There are numerous methods for treating premature ejaculation. Yet, the following is the most impactful:

Diet modifications

You may lengthen the time it takes you to reach the peak by eating more meals high in zinc and magnesium. Your diet should include foods like pumpkin seeds, spinach, garlic, peas, soybeans, almonds, kidney beans, and chickpeas. To treat Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, males can use Fildena double 200.

Creams or sprays for the skin

Many men choose to use topical sprays and lotions containing anesthetics like lidocaine as a temporary solution. As a consequence, the male reproductive organ experiences sensation later. A guy has more time to enjoy the peak in this method.

These lotions or sprays are often administered 30 minutes before sexual activity to the male reproductive organ’s head. Nonetheless, it is advised to thoroughly cleanse the male reproductive system about five minutes before engaging in sexual activity.

The medication has taken orally

Doctors often suggest oral medications from the PDE-5 inhibitor pharmacological family to treat this disease successfully. Premature ejaculation in males may be effectively treated with medications like tadalafil, vardenafil, and sildenafil plus Dapoxetine like Cenforce D Tablets. When used with the proper dosage of SSRI, these drugs seem to be more effective. Cenforce 130mg is the best treatment for this male issue.


You may now do a variety of pelvic floor exercises that aid in strengthening the muscles used during ejaculation. Engaging in a 12-week pelvic floor training program might assist you in dealing with premature ejaculation. You will be able to regulate your ejaculatory reflexes and lengthen the climax period with the help of these workouts.

You should be aware that the muscles in your pelvic floor are involved in stopping the flow of your pee. A guy may pee and then stop the flow of urine just in between to locate them. You must lay or sit in a comfortable posture without applying pressure to complete pelvic floor exercises. Never push on the perineum, which is located between the male reproductive system and the genitalia.

You need to contract the muscles used to stop the flow of pee. You should feel the muscles elevating when doing this exercise. Release the muscles, then count the remaining five seconds. To address the issue of premature ejaculation, do at least two or three sessions on a regular basis.


You can feel as if you’re losing the intimacy you enjoy with your sexual life partner when you ejaculate too early. You will gradually find that tension and worry are all around you. At this point, therapy is necessary. You must plan therapy sessions with the mental health specialist since doing so will help you feel less stressed and anxious. Discussing the issue with your spouse might allow you to keep your marriage together.

Conclusion: Premature ejaculation is a prevalent issue among males that will undoubtedly impact everyone at some point. It is very simple to manage this problem with small lifestyle adjustments and oral Indian drugs.

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