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How to Sign Out of Netflix on All Your Devices at Once?

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Netflix is one of the high on-demand OTT platforms these days. The widely used streaming platform offers various movies, television shows, dramas, series, etc. Viewers love to watch different genres present on Netflix and usually, the platform is famous for binge watch. But it is observed that sometimes users face challenges in signing out Netflix on TV, are you also one of them? If so, then in this article we will be going to discover all the ways through which signing out Netflix on TV becomes an easier and simple task.

As a security measure, it is always suggested that if you are logging in to Netflix at your friend’s home, hotel, or any other common area, then after the use you should always log out of your account. Otherwise, there will be a possibility that too many people might be using the same account and you will not be able to access your Netflix account when you want to watch. But how to log out of Netflix on TV?

Here in this article, we will get to know how to sign out of Netflix by following a few simple steps.

How to Sign out of Netflix on TV

By following these simple steps one after the other you can easily sign out your Netflix account from the TV.

  1. First of all, open your Netflix account on the TV.
  2. Navigate to the home screen of your account
  3. On your remote press the left navigation button and open the menu
  4. Select the “Help” option from the almost bottom of the various options available.
  5. Press the down navigation button from the remote of the TV and click the right button
  6. Select “OK” and then press the Enter button.
  7. You must see the “Sign Out” option, then select the option
  8. Click on “Yes”, to confirm the sign-out process.

By following the above steps you will be able to notice that you must be directed to the signup page where you can enter your credentials to log in.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on your iPhone or Android?

Open the app on your iPhone or Android device all you need to do is follow the given steps below –

  • Launch the Netflix app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Next, choose your user. You can skip this step if this account simply has you as a user.
  • After that, tap the profile icon. This can be seen in the upper-right corner.
  • Next, select Sign Out. This is displayed next to the Help button.
  • Lastly, press Yes. You must tap Sign-out again if you are using an Android smartphone.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on a Web Browser

You must keep to the guidelines given if you want to sign out of Netflix using a web browser.

  • Go to in your web browser once it is open.
  • You are already checked out and don’t need to do anything if you are prompted to sign in.
  • Next, choose your user. You can skip this step if this account simply has you as a user.
  • Next, click and drag the mouse over the user icon. This is located in the upper-right portion of your browser window. Pop-up menu will appear as a result.
  • Click Sign out of Netflix to finish. This can be found at the very bottom of the pop-up menu.

How To Sign out of Netflix from All Devices

Another method that you can use is, “Sign Out From All Devices”. You can access this option from any device on which the same account is open. So in this case you can simply access Netflix on your mobile or desktop and choose this option. It will help you to log out of Netflix from all the other logged-in devices in just a single click.

Hence, I hope now signing out of Netflix on TV is not a big challenge, and you can seamlessly enjoy your favourite dramas, shows, movies, series, etc. Netflix has a great user experience that is easy to use. That’s why it is one of the factors of the increasing popularity of Netflix as the most preferable OTT platform. You can choose your favourite plan among the various subscriptions provided by Netflix.

For any queries or application-related issues you can contact Netflix support as well, they will assign a person to look into the issue and give the best possible solution within 24hrs.

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