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How to Install HP Printer Driver in Windows?

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When you use a computer for daily purposes then you might have the need to get a printer installed so that you can get your documents printed.

It is also essential because when this happens then you would have an easy access when sending your documents without facing the difficulty to set up your device manually.

In this blog we are going to teach you how to download printer driver so that you can do it easily, so without wasting time we would get to the steps which are needed for it.

Installing HP Printer Driver into Windows 7 for the users –

The steps are not that complicated, you just need to pay attention and get done with the steps carefully.

  • You are supposed to begin by tapping on the start button following which you are supposed to open the control panel on your device after which in the control panel you will have to look for hardware and sound options and click on it immediately to install hp printer software.
  • After this step, you would be able to see the option of devices and printers on your device on which you have to click.
  • This will allow you to have a bunch of devices which are inside the printers and the devices, but you are not supposed to focus on these options but you are supposed to simply click on add a printer which is at the top of the screen.
  • Now, you will come across an option which says what type of printer you want to install and for the answer of this question you need to tap on add a local printer option.
  • In this step for hp printer software install you now have to select an existing port like you can opt for LTP1 before clicking on the next button on the screen.
  • Select for the hp printer which is under the section of printer manufacturers and then you should also select for your model number followed by tapping on the next button.
  • In this step now you will be provided with the option to change the name of the printer if you want to or else you can also leave it as the default name before tapping on the next tab.
  • You will now come across a box which will display the message of installing the printer in it, and as soon as the process is finished you will see another box on the screen which will ask you if you want to share the printer.
  • You need to select the option of share if you are willing to share the printer but if you do not want to do it then you can simply click on don’t share the printer and move ahead.

When you finish these steps your procedure to install hp printer driver will also be finished and you can use your computer for printing the documents you need.

We believe that these steps have been effective for you and were able to help you in getting the result which you desired for.

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