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How To Choose a Wedding Band: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Have you decided to exchange vows? Congrats on finding your soulmate. Now that you have a partner, shopping becomes even more exciting. When it comes to wedding shopping, most couples feel intimidated about buying the best diamond wedding rings sets.

There are various diamond wedding band designs available. Millennials who haven’t worn a piece of jewellery might feel overwhelmed when they visit a store full of sparkling diamonds. Shopping for the bling can be made manageable if you follow the guide shared below. Let’s discuss how to shop for the best of all diamond wedding bands for women.

When To Start the Search for The Perfect Wedding Ring?

Don’t wait until the last minute. You will definitely regret the purchase that is made between your dance classes and cake and wine testing sessions. Keep in mind, you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life. Hence, the selection should be thoughtful. Take enough time and choose what suits your style and budget the best. Purchases made in a hurry are often expensive and reflect a poor choice. Experts suggest that you should begin the hunt at least three to four months before D-day.

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How To Buy Diamond Wedding Rings for Couples?

Although there is no rule to buy ring sets, matching styles create a unifying look which is the most romantic thing to do. When you are trying the options, make sure to visit the store together. Modern day couples are busy hustling, therefore it is totally understandable if they cannot carve out time for trial sessions. Hence, shopping online is a smarter option. Either one of you can scroll the option and share the shortlisted links with the significant other to conveniently make a purchase decision.

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How To Pick the Right Style of Wedding Bands?

Some rings are sleek and minimal, whereas some styles like the Diamond Curved Wedding Band are gaining huge recognition. Both styles look equally beautiful but the selection should be made by determining your lifestyle.

For a super active lifestyle, a durable platinum diamond wedding band is the right choice. You can avoid premature wear in these rings. On the other hand, a white gold diamond wedding band is the right choice for couples who don’t want to opt for extra maintenance.

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In addition to this more intricate designs require more time for cleaning and upkeep. Therefore, think twice about your lifestyle when choosing a diamond eternity wedding band. The sparkling accents all around the band can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Those who lead an active lifestyle can therefore pick a solitaire.

What Should Be the Budget for Your Wedding Band?

The cost of your wedding band depends on many factors, like the type of diamond, size of the diamond, choice of metal etc. Rather than following the trend blindly, pay attention to your financial situation and decide on a budget. You can shop for a wedding band for as low as $500 and as you go up in the quality of the diamonds, the price increases.

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Plain rings are more affordable whereas decent quality diamond studded rings can be found under $1000 if you are on a budget. Those who like to splurge a little can go for an oval diamond wedding band. 

Don’t get disheartened if it is out of budget. There are ways to slash the price. Opt for an affordable metal like 18K gold instead of platinum and choose a slightly smaller diamond. Moreover, adjusting the color and clarity can also be a smart idea to shop for a bigger diamond without burning a hole in your pocket. Shop online and you can apply filters according to your preferences to find stunning options that fit into the bills.

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Final Words

There are myriads of styles available in diamond wedding bands. It is important to pick a design based on your style preferences and budget. Explore the iconic collection of white gold, yellow gold and platinum diamond wedding bands at Divour Diamonds.

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