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How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription?

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Do you want to know how to unsubscribe from apple music or cancel your subscription to Apple watch music then this is the right blog for you to learn how you will be able to cancel the subscription you have for Apple Music. 

Cancelling subscription for Apple Music on your iOS or iPad device 

  • You have to first move to the settings option after which you should click on your name on your screen.
  • After which you have to hit on subscriptions button on your device. 
  • At the end of the subscription screen following which you should hit on cancel subscription button from the screen
  • Then finally confirm the cancellation process of your Apple Music subscription cancellation

Cancelling subscription for Apple Music on your Android device

  • For an Android device, you have to open the three dots setting menu which is there on your screen following which you should select the account you want to cancel. 
  • From here you should select the tab of manage subscription and then after this, you are required to click on the cancel subscription button from the screen to unsubscribe from Apple Music
  • You can also cancel it from the play store by going to the menu and then hitting on the subscription option after which you can see your subscriptions and then you can remove the link beside the Apple Music entry. 
  • We believe that the details and information which has been offered to you in this blog have been quite helpful in getting to learn about cancelling the subscription. 

Cancel Your Music Subscription on Mac

  • Here is another method to cancel your music subscription on Mac. The first thing you need to do is go to the App Store on your Mac. 
  • You will see a Store option in the top menu bar. You need to click on the option to go ahead in the process.
  • After clicking on the Store option, a dropdown menu will appear on the screen. You have to choose View My Account from the menu.
  • When you entered your account. Then you should click on the View information in front of Account.
  • After clicking on the option, you will be asked to enter your ID and password to move ahead.
  • When you enter your password you will be redirected to your account information. There scroll down and tap on the Manage button along with Subscriptions.
  • Then hit on the edit button that you see next to the Subscriptions.
  • In the end, hit on the Cancel subscription to confirm your action.

How to Unsubscribe an Apple Music Subscription on Apple TV?

You can also cancel your Apple Music Subscription, on your Apple TV but the thing you have to remember is your TV should be 4th generation or later. If you have a TV 3rd Generation or before then you have to use your iPhone or iPad instead of your TV to cancel your Music subscription.

  • Firstly go to the Settings App on your TV and then choose Users & Accounts.
  • There you need to choose your account.
  • Select the option of Subscription
  • After that select Apple Music and then hit on Cancel Subscription.

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