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How is Technology Accelerating the Hospitality Industry?

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Anyone would love a personalized meal experience, especially now that technological breakthroughs are taking place. A number of industries are putting their best foot forward to amalgamate technology into their mechanisms, and restaurant businesses are no exception! 

Customers are well-informed of their decisions and expect the flexibility of not only being able to pick their favorite restaurants and food, but the benefits of tech for a seamless experience. 

Indeed, the pandemic gave rise to tech-savvy habits, and the hospitality industry is continuously introducing innovations to enhance the customer experience.

Do you own a restaurant or any other hospitality business? Then this article is for you since it throws light on how you can bring together a solid consumer base with the help of technology.

So, let’s get started. 

Technologies That are Building Its Grip Over the Hospitality Businesses!

So, what restaurant tech trends should you watch out for in 2023? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Robotics

Robotics has become a significant factor in the hospitality industry and will continue to bring incredible advancements to these businesses. Service robots, including housekeeping, robot greeters, and cooking machines have become common in restaurants and hotels. Undoubtedly, robotic elements make activities frictionless and cut down the overall cost. 

There have been debates that robots are declining employment opportunities for humans; however, the fact is that the human touch in a business can never go away. Robotics will only decrease monotonous activities conducted by humans, but it wouldn’t take away the person-centered element.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Human intelligence, when incorporated with computers, machines, etc., becomes AI. The mobile app development companies of today build exceptional AI solutions for businesses to help them scale their working process by collecting critical data and making decisions based on the same. 

What do you think is the reason behind timely responses to customers by businesses? Or how does a business offer personalized experiences to its consumers? 

Indeed, the game is terrifically played by artificial intelligence. 

  1. Mobile Ordering and POS

Dine-in was highly disrupted during and after the pandemic; however, it birthed mobile ordering trends. Thus, more and more businesses began mobile app development for easy online ordering that delivers items to customers’ doorsteps. 

Along with mobile ordering comes the Point of Sale (POS) system, which is another top-notch technology to integrate with hospitality businesses. It calls for seamless and safe transactions, which is precisely what customers need nowadays. 

  1. Video Analytics and VR

You must be wondering about the role of video analytics in the hospitality industry. Well, video analytics emphasizes digital videos, keeps track of motions and objects, and more. Additionally, virtual reality comes into play as it can give rise to a simulated environment. 

Innovative Restaurant Trends To Look Out For in 2023!

It is predicted that the growth of the restaurant and hospitality industry will only rise in the upcoming years; however, it is equally significant to follow innovative trends to make that happen. 

What are these trends? Continue reading to know more! 

– Contactless Payments

Diners that integrate the contactless payments tech into their apps allow customers to pay online using multiple payment gateways. The method is not only seamless and quick, but hygienic and came under the limelight, especially after the pandemic. 

– Digital Kitchen Boards

Streamlining the operations of your restaurant has become significant; therefore, one of the methods worth adopting is Kitchen Display Systems (KDS). 

The purpose of KDS is to eliminate the hassle faced by the staff while taking orders and confirming if the orders are ready. 

A KDS is directly linked with the kitchen’s POS system, and order preparation starts as soon as an order is placed, which is displayed on the screen.

– QR codes

QR codes are gradually taking the place of restaurant menus. How? Upon arriving at a restaurant, customers can scan the QR code placed on the table, and the menu immediately appears on their smartphone screen.

Impressive, isn’t it? 

To Sum Up!

Listed above are just a few restaurant trends taking place in today’s world; however, there’s massive scope for innovation. Are you looking forward to building a restaurant or hospitality app that scales up your business? 

It’s time to get in touch with a top app development company for further assistance on the idea!
Schedule your consultation today. 

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