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How failure led her to Success | Nina Damerci’s remarkable journey

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Everyone has their own journey on the road to success. Some have experienced smooth transitions, while others experience twists and turns on their way to success. But remember, success doesn’t occur overnight. Instead, it requires considerable effort to succeed. Nina Damerci is an award-winning choreographer and a licensed Zumba Instructor and it took 20 years of hard work and dedication to reach where she is – that too at the age of 42. But she never let her inner music die. Instead, listen to her inner intuitive voice for choreography and dancing that stir her soul.

Nina Damerci’s path from failure to success is incredibly motivating for women who want to pursue their dreams; she met numerous setbacks and obstacles throughout her journey. But she learned to carve her path to success from her parent’s journey. She shared, “My parent’s hardship and dedication taught me how to be strong and overcome any difficult situation in life.” Besides this, she was confident in her skills, and her most valuable asset has always been her work ethic. She has never shied away from putting in diligent effort and giving it her all, no matter what the endeavour.

Growing up, Nina had a knack for dancing and choreography. She discovered her passion for dancing at a very young age, beginning her journey with a national-level performance in Panchgani, India. Later, she rose to popularity with multiple performances around the globe. Then she decided to take a more professional approach to attain more dancing knowledge. After that, there was no looking back.

Despite having such an amazing start, Nina Damerci didn’t achieve overnight success with these performances. Occasional setbacks came her way throughout her journey. One of her biggest decisions occurred she moved to London while leaving her successful choreography business in Hong Kong. It was a strenuous effort to rebuild a new business in one of London’s most competitive industries, but she never gave up. And eventually, she thrived, with her past experiences serving as important lessons that shaped her into the person she is today. Recalling the struggles she went through, Nina said, “I remember printing 300 flyers in the beginning and dropping every single house with the hope that people would approach us. I even approached some popular dance schools but got no replies.” However, nothing could deter her spirits, and she kept moving forward to pursue her dreams.

Besides attaining the pinnacle of success in dancing and choreography, she dedicated her time to learning Zumba. Because she is quite determined to maintain her clients’ fitness levels while moving their bodies in a fun way, she decided to complete Zumba certifications. As far as Zumba is concerned, it is an excellent exercise; it is an overall workout in which your entire body moves. Zumba not only improves fitness levels but also helps eliminate chronic diseases. Because it is a combination of dance and workout, it thoroughly resonated with Nina Damerci because of her passion for dancing and fitness. Thus, she eventually started her Zumba YouTube channel and later helped multiple Bollywood artists burn fat and maintain their fitness levels through Zumba.

As for her success mantra, it is simple. She revealed, “Do everything you have to do but not with greed, not with ego, and not with envy. Instead, do it with love, compassion, humility, and devotion.” And it is this approach that has led her to open up an institute where she has been successfully running Bollywood-inspired Zumba classes for the last 20 years. In addition, she has enjoyed a wonderful journey while obtaining numerous achievements in the dancing, choreography, and Zumba niches. However, Nina Damerci’s road to success was very difficult because several failures followed one another. But she persevered through the darkest times.

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