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How Do I Use A Web Browser On Roku?

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The most popular online streaming device Roku offers stuff of unlimited entertainment material that makes users stick to it. But users often request how to browse the internet with Roku, or is any browser inbuilt on my Roku device?

Perhaps not, Roku has no native browser to surf the internet. But it has only two web browsers: Media Browser and Reddit browser, not in the actual full-fledged version. On the media browser, you can watch movies, music, and much more entertainment stuff, while on the Reddit browser, you can view only the posts on Reddit and you can not surf the internet.

That doesn’t mean you are unlucky. Luckily, you need to do some workaround to browse the Internet on your Roku Device.

Are you eager to know about browser for roku?

Well, we will let you know how you can browse the internet on your Roku Device. 

Cast a Web Browser to Roku from Windows 10

You can cast a web browser on your Roku device by connecting it to Windows 10 PC and you can browse the internet in high resolution.

In this age of technology, nothing is impossible. There is always a way where no ways are visible directly. Thanks to the “Miracast” technology that makes it easy for you. Using this technology, you can project your monitor on a device that supports this technology like a Roku device.

How to Project Windows on Your Roku Device?

Follow the steps to project internet browser on roku

  • Run the latest version of Windows 10 PC
  • Now select the “Small Notification” icon at the bottom right corner of the desktop.
  • Here, you will get the “Project” icon, select that
  • Now windows 10 project feature will allow you to project your screen to any wireless display
  • Select how you want to project your screen from the options including “PC Screen only” “Duplicate”, “Extend”, and “Second Screen only”.
  • Choose “Extend” as you want to display web browsing on the TV via a Roku device.
  • Then select “Connect to a wireless display”
  • A list of all devices will be displayed on your network that you can project.
  • Lastly, pick the “Roku device” from the list.

After that, you will view the TV screen displaying the Windows 10 PC screen and you can now browse on your Roku device. 

 It should be clear that you can project your screen on devices that support Microsoft Miracast Technology, you can not project Windows 10 screen using Bluetooth.

How to Use A Web Browser on Roku?

Since you have connected your Roku TV with an extended screen feature of Windows 10, so, you can launch your web browser and drag it onto the TV. Now you can browse whatever you want to display and all the people watching your TV screen can watch what you are browsing on your roku tv internet browser.

If you wish to watch any particular video from any streaming site, luckily you can do it and enjoy it.

For more information you must visit the site once.

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