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Helpful steps for cleaning a sump pump

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A sump pump is an important part of keeping your basement dry. Due to the way this household appliance is designed, it requires regular cleaning to keep its system functioning properly. It is therefore important to do an annual cleaning, including disassembling and washing off your pump, removing water, clearing the check valve and debris from the pit, and so on.

If you have taken long without cleaning your pump or if it is your first time cleaning a pump, continue reading for tips on how to clean your pump properly.

What you will need

It is important to gather all the necessary items and materials for cleaning your pump. You will need a large bucket, a plastic sheeting or tarp, a tool for scraping off debris, a wet or dry vacuum cleaner for the final clean-up and a hose.

Cleaning your pump

Before doing anything, you should ensure that it is not rainy outside or you do not have any appliances that drain into your pump basin. It is crucial that there is no water coming into the area when working on your pump.

Start by disconnecting your pump from the power supply

You should start by unplugging the pump or turning off the circuit breaker at the power source. Don’t skip this step because attempting to repair your pump or clean it while connected to power can be dangerous. Disconnecting your pump should be easy but if you find it challenging then you can ask your sump pump stockists for help.

Wrap your pump

You should save yourself from extra cleaning by wrapping the bottom of your pump in a plastic tarp or you can use sheeting for this step. Set up your pump in an area that allows you to access all sides for proper cleaning.

Do a thorough pump cleaning

This is the fun part. You should start by spraying the pump using your garden hose. After the pump is properly sprayed and the loose residue has been removed, use your scraping tool to remove stuck debris. Spray the pump with the garden hose again to rinse off the last residue.

Drain the check valve

You should keep your bucket handy whilst draining the check valve of your pump. Any water from the valve will be caught in the bucket.

Remove standing water with a vacuum cleaner

This step shouldn’t be hard because it is self-explanatory. You should use your shop vacuum cleaner to remove excess water from the pit. You will also need the vacuum cleaner to clean up any residue or water that might have messed up the cleaning space.

Reconnect the pump

Now it is time to reconnect the pump and ensure all components are in the sump pit as they were before cleaning. Reconnect the pump to the source of power and ensure you turn on the circuit breaker if you had turned it on during the first steps.

Bonus tip

You should note the date you cleaned your sump pump and keep it for reference. You will add this item to your cleaning or maintenance schedule.

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