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Have A Look At The Captivating History Of Motorcycle Patches

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Have you ever laid eyes on a pack of bikers or a motorcycle club cruising down the open road?

If yes, then what is the first thing that catches your attention and lets you know that the biker is part of a club or group?

The patches on their vest or a jacket, right?

We all are aware that these embellishments are a symbol of identification but have you ever wondered about the origins of these emblems? If you have no clue, then we are here to help expand your knowledge a bit.

In this article, we will discuss everything that is related to these motorcycle patches, their origin, their types, and many more. So keep reading.

The Origin Of Motorcycle Patches

The story of the emergence of these patches started in the 1920s when the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) was established in the US.

That time, all the bikers that participated in the event were required to embroider their jackets or vest with the name of their club so they could be distinguished. As a result, this requirement led the way to the beginning of the biker’s patches.

Due to this reason, every biker club has designed its own creative emblems which make them stand out from others. But these motorcycle patches were not just mere an identity mark but also became their pride, honor, and joy. Nobody is allowed to touch the patch of other club members. From here, the story takes a little twist; let’s explore what it is below.

Who Are 1%ers

In 1947 AMA event was held in California, in which a violent clash broke out between the bikers.

As a result of this, the motorcyclist’s behavior turns aggressive, causing the already chaotic riot to become even more unmanageable and confusing. The after-effect of this incident outcome as AMA issued a release that whoever caused this disturbance was considered an outlaw. And the number of those lawbreakers makes up 1% of the audience.

Due to this event, these emblems gained more significance because the motorcyclist who announced themselves as an outlaw started wearing 1 %er patches. However, the AMA has stated the existence of this day, and it is symbolized as one percent day. But there are also other exaggerated tales attached to it too. It’s hard to ignore the fact that throughout history, motorcyclists have often been portrayed as rebellious and even villainous.

However, the story doesn’t end there. The world of bikers also experiences unfairness; let’s have a view of that too.

Discrimination For Joining Clubs

For centuries, inequality has plagued humanity, and the biking community is no exception.

The history of motorcycle patches can speak about this too; before the 1950s, the AMA only allows white people to participate in it. And if any club adds a member of any other color, then it would be named an outlaw gang. Moreover, also the clubs that ruin the peace on the roads are also rejected from this association.

But in 1950, the rule of adding white folks evolved. As a result, other colored people could also join the biker’s clubs comfortably, especially African Americans.

Types Of Biker Patches And Their Purposes

You might have noticed that most bikers possess one or more than one badge, as they represent different categories.

They all showcase different information about a rider. The motorcycle patches come in three variations, so their name is based on the number of elements they contain. But make sure not to get confused between the Canada patches and the original ones, as most people add fake emblems on their jackets as well for the love of bikes. Now let’s explore the categories other than the 1 %ers emblems.

Single Patch

A single emblem shows the belonging of someone with a motorcycle club. Normally it consists of the name, logo, and the reign of the gang. It also signifies that the biker is officially registered by the AMA.

Two-Piece Patches

The two emblems on the biker’s vest or jacket represent that the member is waiting for approval from the club. The top one, which is also known as “The Rocker”, has the club’s name on it. On the other hand, the bottom one, which is also called “Bottom Rocker”, shows the logo of the club. Two emblems symbolize that the person is a potential member.

Three-Piece Patches

After the rider gets the approval, the two patches upgrade into three. This one is the highest order of the gang members. And the motorcyclist possesses three emblems, the top one contains the club name, the center one has the club logo, and the last one has the location. You can also say the person containing this one is a full member of the gang.

Now that you understand the categories of embellishments and their purposes, now let’s jump into how they make their way to the fashion industry.

The Entry Of Motorcycle Patches In The Fashion Industry

In history, you can only see that the biker’s patches are only worn on the jackets and vests by the members of the club.

But the time has changed; the motorcyclist creatively evolved it and started adding these emblems to their accessories as well. Due to this reason, the people who are big fans of bikes adored this approach of including embellishments and started following it too.

As a result, most fashion brands come up with garments filled with creative emblems, and MC patches have become trending as well. These days you can see the upgrading of these emblems into various types as well. For instance, embroidered, Velcro, satin, printed, and many more.

All in all, this is the sum up of all the events that take place in the history of biker’s patches, from their emergence to their evolution.

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Whether your plan is to join a club or just to gain knowledge about these Motorcycle gang patches, we hope that everything is cleared now.

The history of these emblems is like a roller coaster ride, and you must experience it above as well. We have coved every event precisely to showcase the importance of these embellishments. So now you know why biker protects their emblems like nothing else.

For your awareness, there are certain rules for wearing it as well. You can’t enter other’s territory while wearing your badge; no other person can wear the patch of a club member; you can’t drive a car while wearing it, and so on. All the members take care of these things. Lastly, you can’t buy one; these emblems are earned by the member by being loyal to the club.

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