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Free Music Download Sites

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If you’re in search of legal ways to download free music, there are various websites to consider – some even offering completely legal downloads!

ReverbNation provides support to up-and-coming bands and is the premier destination to discover today’s hippest artists. Additionally, you can purchase songs to use commercially without incurring an attribution penalty.


Y2Mate offers safe and legal MP3 music downloads that allow users to listen offline. Their extensive catalog covers a wide variety of genres from across various countries, making it simple for you to find what you are searching for. Furthermore, their “Top Downloads” section displays popular songs and artists – providing another avenue for discovering new music and finding favorites!

Mp3 juice offers multiple download options, from MP3 and high-quality MP4, for users’ enjoyment on both a desktop computer and mobile phone. Their website is fast and secure, while they also provide mobile applications for easy listening on-the-go. In addition, Mp3 juice Surf features playlists which update each week to give its listeners something fresh to listen to.

Search results typically arrive within seconds when entering song/artist names into its search bar, then let it scour the internet to find similar files in MP3 format. Furthermore, previewing songs before downloading gives users more choices.

This site offers multiple audio quality options to reduce data usage when listening to your music. Once you find a track you want to download, click ‘Download’ and it will be saved into the computer’s download folder for access at any time, anywhere.

Mp3Juices has long been one of the most trusted mp3 conversion and download platforms available, boasting unparalleled safety and security protocols that are regularly updated in response to any threats that might appear on its user-friendly website. Mp3Juices’ user-friendly interface and extensive collection of music sources make it a reliable option for anyone wanting to enjoy music without downloading files from untrustworthy sites.


YTMp3 is an intuitive website that makes downloading music in high-quality mp3 format simple and effortless for its users. Browse and download songs at any bitrate you choose; there’s even a list of popular songs so users can quickly locate what they need! Plus, this site works across devices and operating systems!

The YTMp3 platform is free to use and features an easy user interface, making it accessible for people of all skill levels. The website works by converting YouTube videos into MP3 files which can then be downloaded onto various devices or media players – making this an invaluable resource for building an expansive audio collection.

Users can easily upload any video file and convert it into an MP3 with the YTMp3 website, where users can customize audio quality and add ID3 tags for their mp3 file. It has received positive reviews from its users who appreciate its intuitive user experience and fast conversion times.

While YTMp3 provides an effective method for downloading music, it should be remembered that these types of websites may be illegal in certain countries. As such, using a virtual private network (VPN) may protect your identity while also helping prevent you from downloading copyrighted material from this platform.

YTMp3 is one of the premier sites for converting YouTube videos to MP3 files, offering users access to an expansive library and free downloads. With high-quality audio and an easy user interface, it provides users with everything they need for building an extensive music collection without breaking the bank on digital downloads.


Tubidy.Africa is a well-known platform offering a diverse selection of music and video content free of charge, and has quickly grown a substantial user base as a result of its special features that allow people from diverse backgrounds to access it easily. Furthermore, its compatibility extends across devices including desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones makes Tubidy accessible even on those without internet connections at home or work.

Tubidy stands out from traditional streaming services by not requiring registration or fees, and enabling users to download songs as many times they desire without worrying about space restrictions or device compatibility – making it ideal for those on a tight budget or who have limited storage capacity for music files on their devices.

Tubidy offers high-quality MP3 files for an immersive audio experience that will appeal to music enthusiasts of all kinds. Their extensive library is an unending treasure trove that crosses social and linguistic borders, from classical compositions to the latest pop hits – making finding songs suitable to your mood or occasion easy! Whether it be relaxation, inspiration or partying!

Tubidy has earned rave reviews from consumers worldwide due to its user-friendly interface and expansive music selection. Although some users may find its advertising-supported nature dissatisfying, Tubidy remains well received among all age groups and musical tastes. No matter your musical taste preferences are, just remember that copyrighted materials should only be downloaded for personal use without sharing with anyone. Doing this helps protect musicians and artists’ rights.


Yt1s is an interactive website that enables users to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files easily and choose a format and quality for the mp3 file they create. Additionally, its interface is user-friendly and supports mobile devices from every provider while offering additional features to personalize your experience.

The yt1s website is free to use and requires no download or registration – simply copy and paste a YouTube link into the search box, convert it, and click “Search.” A download button will appear allowing you to select file type before clicking “Download.” Or alternatively you can directly save to your computer from here.

This online video converter provides an efficient means of downloading audio and videos from popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, it can remove watermarks from downloaded files as well as provide multiple download options with various file formats and sizes available. Its immense popularity can be attributed to its ease of use as well as high-quality files with fast download speed.

yt1s stands out by offering the ability to download unlimited YouTube videos, making it invaluable for content creators who need access to numerous videos at once. Furthermore, it has no ads or popups so all users are safe with its use.

But yt1s may violate copyright laws. Its dubious advertising networks often promote dubious, deceptive, and malicious pages promoted via browser notifications from yt1s itself. When visitors click these ads they may be force-redirected to suspicious websites containing potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). Visits/use of yt1s[.]com can result in serious system infections, privacy violations and financial losses for users.


YT2mate is a YouTube downloader that makes it easy and free to access videos, music, subtitles and other media files from YouTube. Compatible with all major browsers and offering an integrated converter feature enabling you to download any format of video file as well as select output quality settings, this tool has something for you.

yt2mate stands out from similar software programs by not including advertisements or popups; making it user-friendly even on slow connections. Furthermore, all major file formats like MP4 and MP3 are supported. Unfortunately, however, it can sometimes crash but not as often as other YouTube downloaders.

Start using yt2mate by pasting the URL of a video you wish to convert into the search box and selecting its format before clicking “Start.” When conversion is complete, a download link will appear; click it to save your video as either an MP3 or MP4 file.

Another fantastic feature of yt2mate is its ability to convert any video file to MP3 or WAV format, making it an invaluable solution for people having trouble downloading videos from YouTube or other websites. Plus, this makes listening to songs on-the-go easier than ever!

The yt2mate converter is an effortless online YouTube video-to-mp3 conversion service available on Mac, Windows, and Android platforms that does not require software installation or any user fees to use. Simply paste your YouTube link into it to make it an MP3 or WAV file in seconds!

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