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Fix: Netgear Router Keeps Dropping WiFi Issue

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In this tech-savvy world, everybody wants to stay connected with a blazing-fast internet connection. So, to fulfill the demand of millions of people around the globe, Netgear manufactures the Netgear router. With the help of this, people enjoy seamless internet speed. But, despite being an amazing device it has some technical complications. The most recently users report that the Netgear router keeps dropping WiFi issues. This issue can occur due to many possible reasons. If you are also sailing onto the same boat and looking for guidance to fix it, then you have come to the right place.

In this post, we will cover all the reasons and provides you with Nighthawk router troubleshooting tips to fix the issue in a hassle-free manner. We advise you to read out the post from up to down without skipping the information.

Before we dive into the effective and quick hacks we would like to tell you about the factors that affect the performance of the Netgear.

Reasons: Netgear Router Dropping WiFi

Well, many contributing factors cause the keep dropping WiFi issue on the router. But, here we’ve listed some major reasons only.

Wrong Placement

The main cause behind the problem is the wrong placement of the router. If you place the router near the home appliance and metal objects, then there is a chance that your device become the victim of wireless interference.

Distance Between the Devices

Distance between the router and the host modem place a crucial role. If you place the router at a long distance from the modem, then there is a possibility that the router is not within the range of the host modem.

WiFi Channel

You can also face issues if you select a congested network channel for your WiFi. Because congested channel device does not  work  proper.

Outdated Firmware

The old versions of the firmware also put the device at higher risk. Maybe your device also operates on an outdated firmware. As a result, the router keeps dropping WiFi.

That’s, all about the contributing factors behind the issue. You don’t need to worry at all. We have quick and effective solutions for you. You just need to move to the further sections.

Fix: Netgear Router Dropping WiFi

Change the Router Location

We start with changing the location of the Netgear router. To do this you need to consider two things that are mentioned below:

  • Distance between the router and the host modem.
  • Check the surrounding of the router.
  • Now, we will tell you about the placement of the device.

You need to place the networking devices router and modem at appropriate places where they communicate with each other properly.

Do not place the router in the cabinet or box. Try to place the device on the shelf.

Change WiFi Channel

Do you know every networking device operates different WiFi channels? To your knowledge, a WiFi channel is the frequency at which your router sends out the information to your device. If your device operates the congested channel, then its WiFi struggle more to fill dead zones. So, we advise you to change the channel by accessing the Nighthawk router login page.

Reboot the Device

Now you should restart the device to eliminate the temporary hiccups from the device. By doing this, you not only fix the technical glitches but also fix the minor issues.

Below we mentioned all the instructions to restart the device in a hassle-free manner:

  • First, turn off the device and remove its power cable.
  • Second, give a couple of minutes to recover the device.
  • Third, plug the power cable back into the socket.
  • Fourth, turn on the device by pressing the turn-on button.

Your device has been rebooted successfully. Now you should try to stream something to ensure the issue is resolved or not. If not then, move to the next hack.

Update the Firmware

If you are still in the same situation and nothing can help you, then update the firmware of the device. First, you should check the firmware by accessing the default web URL.

If you see the firmware is outdated, then update it at the same time to enjoy the internet services of the router.

Thus, these are the hacks that you have to follow to fix the Netgear router that keeps dropping WiFi.

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