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Drawbacks of Offset Printing You Must Know

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Offset printing used to be the norm before technology took over the printing industry. It used design plates which were inserted between the cylinders and left prints on the required format. The setup requires proper planning and time in adjustment, which makes it less ideal for quick results.

Offset printing has numerous other limitations, which often turn into drawbacks and cause loss to the users. Knowing the details before making a choice is crucial to limit your loss, so give it a serious thought.

Give an in-depth read to this article to get your hands on the drawbacks of offset printing you must know about to make a wise and profitable investment decision.

Top 6 Drawbacks of Offset Printing

Offset printing used to be the main source of printing a few decades back; however, it is not relevant anymore. It offers more drawbacks than benefits, which compels people to rethink their choices.

Here are the major drawbacks of offset printing you must know about before investing in it.

  • Color Restrictions

Color restriction is the first and foremost drawback of offset printing you should know about. Such a printer works best with the CMYK color strategy, which signifies cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colors. The printer uses only these primary colors to create thousands of secondary colors. 

However, you still might be unable to get the perfect desired shade. Ultimately, you must compromise on the color and restrict yourself to the available shades. However, not many authorities like to compromise over it. They contact Xerox UAE services and invest in the latest digital print devices to get the perfect color and results.

  • Extra Setup Time

Extra setup time is one of the biggest drawbacks of offset printing you need to watch out for. It is not as simple as putting paper in the print device and pressing the command of print. Offset printing comprises a multistep process that requires creating the print plates at first. 

Afterward, you can transfer them to the printer setup, adjust them well, manage color settings, and get the prints. Completing the whole setup to get a few prints is too hasslesome and not worth the effort. On top of this, you can never rely on it if you are short on time and require the prints immediately.

  • Hazardous For Environment

Offset printing is hazardous to the environment, one of the biggest drawbacks. Such printing produces a greater quantity of ink waste as it struggles with getting the right color shade. You will have to keep trying until and unless you get the desired shade, which will add more pollutants to the atmosphere. 

Moreover, this type of printing is not meant for a smaller number of prints. If you do so, you will have to waste the remaining ink, which will be hazardous to the environment. If you mindlessly print bulk orders without any specific need, it will also add to environmental pollution. So, weigh your options and make a wise choice.

  • Lack of Customization 

Lack of customization is another notable drawback of offset printing you should never take lightly. Such printing requires working with specific plates and models, which are created according to the design requirements. 

If you want to customize the prints with specific letters or designs or want to create postcards, you will have to create the respective plat first. You cannot customize any little thing according to your needs. You will have to look for other printer options if you cannot proceed without customization, as offset printing cannot offer that.

  • Heat Press Lines

Heat press lines are another significant drawback of offset printing you should never take lightly. When the print plates roll between the cylinders, it produce high static charge, which can lead to ink smudging or print heat press lines, too. It will not only affect a single print, which you may keep aside but can impact the whole bulk. 

It will end up wasting all your effort, investment, and resources, so make sure not to rely on it mindlessly. Offset printing is not a reliable option in this fast-paced era. You must explore and invest in the latest digital print device for instant results.

  • Costly Option

Offset printing is a costly option, which is the last and most crucial drawback of investing in it. Setting up the equipment, models, and other aspects for offset printing requires extensive time and cost. Doing so for a small number of prints will only waste your time and effort, which is why this type of printing is only used for bulk print orders. 

However, if you produce bulk orders without any demand, it will further add to your expenses without generating any profit. You can consult Xerox UAE suppliers to explore and invest in high-quality and cost-effective devices and maximize your profitability.

Are you looking for suitable alternatives to offset printing?

If you are looking for suitable printer options, you can try your hands on the latest digital devices. Feel free to consult professional dealers or suppliers to explore the best devices and invest in the one that seems ideal.

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