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Digital Learning – Is It the Next Academic Revolution?

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When the world was struck by the pandemic, remote learning or digital classrooms became a very popular system that a lot of parents were opting for their children. Digital learning is also called e-learning, which means learning things without having to go anywhere else.

Any learning that doesn’t involve going to a traditional classroom for learning or attending a course. You can make use of laptops, tablets, or even a smartphone to access a digital learning channel

A teacher can teach n number of people simultaneously without having to step out or visit them. It is the best way through which a student can learn, and a teacher can teach from the confines of their house comfortably. 

This has transformed the world of education and made it easier to access it without having to step outside your place. 

But one question that a lot of people/parents have in their mind is whether is digital e-learning really a good choice for their child. 

Please don’t fret, In this article, we are going to discuss is can you trust the best digital learning platform over traditional learning. 

The world is stepping towards digitalization, and with this, there are many things that are changing, like education. In a traditional setting, a teacher teaches over 30 to 40 students, and no one really knows whether or not the child is getting the knowledge being imparted by a teacher. 

Only some students have the same caliber or have the same IQ, and a traditional classroom setting cannot be the best place where they will learn. 

Learning online has given students a chance to access knowledge irrespective of their geographies. Now you don’t have to worry about traveling to an organization to attain knowledge; you can do it successfully through just a smartphone or your laptop. 

What is traditional learning? 

Since ancient times traditional learning or classroom learning has been the way through which children were taught. Every child was getting the same knowledge as the other ones, despite the level of absorption being different for every child. 

You must be present in the class in order to learn; if you miss any of it, then you will run behind when compared to others. There is a one percent to two percent drop in students going for traditional learning each year. 

Why are people gravitating towards digital learning in schools? 

The one thing that sets digital learning content apart from traditional learning is that you don’t have to step out to attend a class. Also, it gives you time and freedom. You are not wasting any time traveling to and fro to an institution. 

1- Learn things you are interested in 

It doesn’t matter what background or age you can choose courses and subjects that you are interested in and learn more about them. You can learn courses that can advance your career or learn a technical skill that you have always wanted to go for. 

The choice here is really yours. There are multiple courses or certifications that you can find online, and choose one that suits your needs and taste. All you need to do is pick one that best suits your preferences. There is a ten percent increment in students choosing online courses for learning. 

2- You decide your pace 

One of the biggest cons of traditional learning is that all the students are learning the same thing, even if their pace is different. You can learn whatever you want and from wherever you like. 

Be it a library or your own bedroom, all you need is a smartphone/laptop and a working internet connection, and voila, your classroom set-up is ready for you. You can pick from one of these learning approaches as per your needs. 

3- Brush up your technical skills 

There are so many applied technical skills that one might want to learn, and now you can get through digital education

Whenever you are trying to study online, you will be challenged to learn multiple things like downloading material, hands-on exercises, and quizzes that you can solve. All this is going to help you brush up on your technical skills and get out of your comfort zone. 

In this day and age, candidates are judged based on their technical skills. These skills can be a great add-on to your profile and make you a viable candidate when you are applying for a job somewhere. E-learning can increase a student’s retention rate from 25 percent to 65 percent.

4- It is cost-effective 

When you opt for a traditional classroom setting, there is a lot of expenditure that you have to do. You would have to pay for books, course fees, learning material, transportation, etc., but all this can be solved by opting for digital media in education. 

5- You Don’t Feel Pressure

In the traditional school setting, there is a lot of pressure on a student. They feel constant pressure on themselves to compete with each other, no matter what learning pace a particular student might have. 

When students learn online, they will have a healthier relationship with their peers and not feel the burden of competition. Everyone will learn from their safe space making it more comfortable for them. 

Over to you

Digital learning technologies have allowed students to accomplish their learning objectives. Now you can go for a course of your choice without having to step outside. Just a good internet connection and laptop can do the trick and imitate a classroom set-up for you. It is highly customizable and can be personalized according to your needs and wants. 

The points mentioned above are the reasons why e-learning is going mainstream. There is a myth that e-learning is easier than traditional learning, but that’s not the truth. 

The student still has to put in effort, energy, and time like they would in a traditional classroom. The only difference is that education will be easier for you to access. There are platforms like GUDSHO through which you can access educational content easily.

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