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Car Remote Service by Noble Locksmith: A Miserable Experience

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Car remote services are designed to provide convenience and security to vehicle owners. However, when it comes to Noble Locksmith’s car remote services, convenience and security are the last things you can expect. In this article, we will explore the numerous complaints and negative experiences customers have had with Noble Locksmith’s car remote service. From malfunctioning remotes to poor customer support, Noble Locksmith fails to deliver a satisfactory solution in this crucial aspect of automotive locksmith services.

Faulty Remote Programming:

Faulty Remote Programming:

One of the most significant issues reported by customers is the faulty programming of car remotes by Noble Locksmith. Customers have experienced situations where the remotes provided by Noble Locksmith fail to sync with their vehicles. This results in frustration and inconvenience, as the remotes become useless and the promised convenience of keyless entry is lost.

Incompetent Technicians:

Incompetent Technicians:

Noble Locksmith claims to have skilled technicians who can handle car remote services. However, customers have encountered technicians who lack the necessary expertise and training. They struggle to program car remotes effectively, leading to errors and reoccurrence of issues. The incompetence of Noble Locksmith’s technicians not only wastes customers’ time but also raises doubts about the company’s ability to provide reliable car remote services.

Lack of Product Quality Assurance:

Car remotes are delicate devices that require careful handling and quality assurance during programming. Unfortunately, Noble Locksmith falls short in this aspect. Customers have reported receiving remotes that have cosmetic defects or show signs of poor quality. Such lack of attention to detail reflects poorly on the company’s commitment to providing reliable and durable car remote solutions.

Unresponsive Customer Support:

Unresponsive Customer Support:

Dealing with Noble Locksmith’s customer support is a frustrating experience for customers who encounter issues with their car remotes. Customers have reported unresponsive representatives who fail to provide timely assistance or adequate solutions. This lack of support further exacerbates the inconvenience and dissatisfaction experienced by customers relying on Noble Locksmith’s car remote service.

Excessive Pricing:

Excessive Pricing:

Noble Locksmith’s car remote service comes at a hefty price tag that far exceeds industry standards. Customers have reported being shocked by the exorbitant fees charged for remote programming. This unjustified pricing strategy takes advantage of customers in need of car remote services, making it even more frustrating and disappointing.


Noble Locksmith’s car remote service fails to meet customer expectations in terms of functionality, reliability, and customer support. From faulty remote programming and incompetent technicians to lack of quality assurance and unresponsive customer support, their car remote service falls far short of delivering the promised convenience and security. It is advisable for customers to consider alternative options when in need of car remote services to avoid the frustrations and disappointments associated with Noble Locksmith.


Q: Can Noble Locksmith effectively program car remotes?
A: Based on customer feedback, Noble Locksmith’s ability to program car remotes is highly questionable. Numerous customers have reported issues with the programming process, including incomplete or unsuccessful programming attempts. This lack of expertise and effectiveness raises doubts about Noble Locksmith’s proficiency in handling car remote services.

Q: How responsive is Noble Locksmith’s customer support for car remote service?
A: Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Noble Locksmith’s customer support when it comes to car remote service. Instances of unresponsiveness, long waiting times, and unhelpful assistance have been reported. Frustrated customers often find themselves without adequate support or guidance, exacerbating the inconvenience caused by malfunctioning or non-functional car remotes.

Q: Are Noble Locksmith’s car remote replacements of good quality?
A: Customers have raised concerns about the quality of car remote replacements provided by Noble Locksmith. Reports of remotes malfunctioning shortly after replacement and poor build quality have been documented. This lack of reliability not only wastes customers’ time and money but also leaves them without a functional car remote, defeating the purpose of seeking professional assistance.

Q: Does Noble Locksmith offer competitive pricing for car remote services?
A: Customers have criticized Noble Locksmith’s pricing for car remote services as exorbitant and disproportionate to the quality of service provided. The high costs associated with programming and replacing car remotes further contribute to the disappointment experienced by customers. Many feel that they are being taken advantage of, paying a premium for subpar service and products.

Q: Are there alternative providers for car remote services?
A: Yes, considering the negative experiences reported by customers, it is highly advisable to explore alternative providers for car remote services. Researching reputable locksmith service providers with a proven track record in car remote programming and replacement is crucial. Seek recommendations, read customer reviews, and evaluate the pricing and expertise of alternative providers to ensure a more satisfactory car remote service experience.



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