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Basic Requirements for Schengen Visa Application For Indians

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The Schengen visa is a type of visa that lets people travel to, within, and between the 26 Schengen Area countries. This area consists of most of the European Union countries and a few non-EU countries. Indians who want to visit the Schengen Area for tourism, business, or other reasons must apply for a Schengen visa.

Indians should review the primary conditions and ensure they meet them to increase their Schengen visa prospects. A comprehensive Schengen visa dummy ticket or itinerary, proof of accommodation and a financing sheet are required. This article will discuss these requirements in more detail and provide tips for meeting them. So, these are the basic requirements for a Schengen Visa application for Indians.

Itinerary For Visa Application

An itinerary is a detailed travel plan, including travel dates, locations, accommodations, and planned activities. When applying for a Schengen visa, you must include an itinerary. This helps the people in charge of visas understand the purpose and details of your trip.

Here are some tips for creating an itinerary for your Schengen visa application:

Be specific: Include the dates of your travel and the specific cities, towns, or villages you will visit.

Provide details of your accommodations: Include the name and address of the hotels, hostels, or other places you will be staying.

List your planned activities: Include any tours, events, or other activities you plan to participate in during your trip.

Keep it realistic: Make sure your itinerary is feasible, and you can complete all of the activities you have planned.

Use a template: There are many templates available online that you can use to help you create a professional-looking itinerary.

Providing a detailed and realistic itinerary can increase your chances of a successful Schengen visa application.

How To Provide Proof Of Accommodation

One key aspect of obtaining a visa is demonstrating that you have a place to stay in the Schengen Area. Several types of documents can be used as proof of accommodation, including:

Hotel bookings: You can show that you have booked a hotel, hostel, or other paid place to stay by giving a confirmation letter or email.

Letter of invitation from a host: If you will stay with friends or family during your trip. They can give you a letter of invitation saying that they will be hosting you. This letter should include their name, address, contact information, and the dates of your stay.

Rent agreement

You can show proof of accommodation in the form of a copy of the rental agreement if you will be staying in a holiday home or apartment that you rented for the duration of your trip.

It is essential to ensure that the proof of accommodation you provide is legitimate and accurate. If the visa authorities suspect your accommodation arrangements are not genuine, your application may be rejected.

Here are some tips for booking accommodation that will be accepted as proof for your Schengen visa application:

Book through a reputable website or agency

Choose a well-known and trusted website or agency to book your accommodation.

Save all documents and emails that confirm something: Keep a copy of all emails and papers that confirm your hotel reservations because you need them for your visa application.

Choose a cancellation policy that allows for changes: If your visa application gets turned down or your travel plans change, it’s good to have a cancellation policy that lets you make changes or get a refund.

Flight Ticket Reservation For Visa

A dummy flight ticket is a piece of paper that looks like an actual ticket but can’t be used to travel. It’s usually required for a flight reservation for visa. As part of a Schengen visa application, fake plane tickets may be needed if the visa office needs proof that you are going somewhere.

Here are some tips for obtaining a dummy flight ticket for your Schengen visa application:

Use an online service

Several online services can create a dummy flight ticket for you. Most of the time, you’ll need to give these services your personal information and details about your trip, such as the destination, dates, and flight numbers.

Please ensure the fake ticket is written correctly: It is essential to ensure that the fake flight ticket you give looks as accurate as possible and is in the correct format. This will increase the chances of it being accepted as part of your visa application.

Understand the risks

You should know that using a fake flight ticket as part of your visa application could be considered fraud. If the visa office finds out that you gave them a fake plane ticket, your application could be denied, and you could have other problems.

Contact the embassy or consulate where you are applying for your visa to find out if a fake airline ticket is required and what it means.

Finance Sheet

A finance sheet is a document that provides information about your financial assets and estimated expenses for your trip. When you apply for a Schengen visa, you need to include a finance sheet. This allows the visa office to determine whether you have enough money to support yourself while in the Schengen Area.

Here are some tips for creating a finance sheet for your Schengen visa application:

List all of your financial assets

Include information about your bank accounts, investments, or other assets.

Break down your estimated expenses

Estimate your trip’s transportation, lodging, food, and other expenses.

Use a template

There are many templates available online that you can use to help you create a professional-looking finance sheet.

Be honest and accurate

It is essential to provide accurate and honest information on your finance sheet. If the visa authorities suspect that you have provided false or misleading information, your application may be rejected.

Providing a complete and accurate finance sheet can increase your chances of a successful Schengen visa application.


In conclusion, the basic requirements for a Schengen visa application for Indians include a detailed itinerary, proof of accommodation, a dummy flight ticket (if required), and a finance sheet. By carefully reviewing and meeting these requirements, you can increase your chances of a successful visa application. 

Understand that failing to achieve these requirements or providing false or misleading information can result in a rejected application. By properly preparing and submitting all required documents, you can increase the chances of a smooth and successful visa application process.

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