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Preparing for the AZ 900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

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Obtaining the AZ 900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification proves that you have a solid understanding of cloud computing and the Azure platform.

This piece of writing contains all the essentials you need to know in order to pass the Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam. We’ll go through the principles of cloud computing, Azure services, security, privacy, pricing, and support.

Knowledge Required for the AZ-900 Exam

The exam is 85-100 minutes long with 40-60 questions. You need 700 points out of 1000 total to pass. The test covers workloads, security, pricing, and support in addition to cloud principles and Azure services. 

AZ-900 has no prerequisites and is an entry-level Azure certification. It’s a great starting point before attempting more advanced associate-level certs like AZ-104. With proper preparation, the AZ-900 exam is achievable for those newer to cloud and Azure.

Key Topics Covered on the AZ-900 Exam

Microsoft outlines the following conceptual areas covered on the exam that you should study:

Cloud Computing Concepts

Recognise the distinctions between public, private, and hybrid cloud models. Know IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud services. Learn benefits like scalability, reliability, and cost savings of the cloud.

Azure Core Services

Know use cases for popular Azure compute, database, storage, networking and other foundational services. Understand regions, region pairs, availability zones and service level agreements.

Azure Workloads and Solutions

Understand modern workloads like web/mobile apps, big data, IoT etc. on Azure. Know DevOps practices like continuous integration/delivery supported on Azure. Learn about IaaS and PaaS solutions.

Azure Security, Compliance, Privacy

Understand securing network connections, data, apps, and infrastructure in Azure. Know compliance offerings like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and FedRAMP. Understand privacy, compliance standards, and data protection.

Azure Pricing and Support

Understand subscriptions, management groups, resources, and Resource Managers. Know factors affecting costs like services, locations, and traffic. Compare pricing across Azure products. Understand Microsoft’s technical support options.

Studying these areas helps ensure you know the concepts covered on the real exam.

Helpful Study Resources for the AZ 900

Here are some of the top study resources and materials for the AZ-900 exam:

  • Microsoft Learn online modules aligned directly to exam topics and objectives
  • Official Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification prep book
  • Hands-on practice with mock exams from Microsoft and third parties
  • Free online Azure training seminars offered by Microsoft
  • Reviewing Azure documentation to gain technical knowledge
  • Paid online courses like Cloud Skills with video lessons and labs

Using Microsoft official resources combined with third-party practice materials provides comprehensive preparation.

Tips for Passing the AZ-900 Exam

Here are some key tips to follow for succeeding on the AZ-900 exam:

  • Carefully read each question and all answer options – don’t skim
  • Memorize important Azure terminology like ARM, regions, availability zones
  • Know the key differences between major Azure services
  • Understand core security concepts like encryption, RBAC roles
  • Review details of support plan options and technical scopes
  • Study pricing and TCO calculators for Azure products and services

These tips will help you avoid common mistakes and focus your studying on key topics covered on the exam.

What’s Next After Passing the AZ-900 Exam?

Earning the AZ-900 certification validates foundational Azure knowledge as a great first step before attempting more advanced certifications.

Many recommend pursuing the AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate certification next. The AZ-104 demonstrates skills in managing and administering Azure resources and infrastructure.

Microsoft also offers specialty Azure certs in security, development, architecture, and other areas depending on your career goals.

No matter your path, the AZ-900 provides the core Azure skills to take the next step. Use this guide to prepare, then demonstrate your cloud expertise by passing the AZ-900!

Frequently Asked AZ-900 Questions

What is the cost of taking the AZ-900 exam?

The cost is $99 USD in most countries. Microsoft sometimes offers discounted exam vouchers to students or during promotions.

Where can I take the AZ-900 exam?

You can take the AZ-900 at authorized Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide or via Pearson VUE online proctored testing.

Can I retake the AZ-900 exam if I fail on my first try?

Yes, you get one free retake if you fail the AZ-900 initially. After that, retries cost $99 USD each time. It’s wise to thoroughly review missed topics before reattempting the exam.

How long do AZ-900 certifications last before expiring?

AZ-900 certifications are valid for a year after passing the exam.. You’ll need to recertify annually by either retaking the exam or earning a higher certification.

Does the AZ-900 certification auto-renew each year?

No, the AZ-900 does not auto-renew. You must recertify before your certification expiration date by passing the exam again or earning a higher-level certification.

Using the preparation tips and resources in this guide, you can pass your AZ-900 exam confidently!

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