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AthenaOne EHR Vs. eTHOMAS: all that you need to know

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Since there are so many software solutions available, it’s likely that you don’t know which one is the best or that you find it difficult to compare them. Be at ease; we’ve got you covered. To ease your concerns, we’ve listed the features, costs, and demos below for eTHOMAS and AthenaOne EHR.

What is AthenaOne EHR Software?

Athenahealth is perhaps one of the top leading contenders when we talk about electronic health records (EHRs). You will be able to understand why as you read this article. The electronic health records, population health, telemedicine, and medical billing used by this cloud-based healthcare software are state-of-the-art innovations.

AthenaOne EHR Features

Patient Relations

They want to be able to instantly contact medical experts online. Thanks to athenahealth’s patient engagement tools, you can automate alerts for appointments, follow-up treatment, billing, and test results on the patient portal.


By using the revenue cycle management software AthenaCollector, which automates administrative tasks, your company may grow without adding more staff. Denials must be reduced in order to boost income and effectively manage claims.


There is no need to work with a different telehealth provider because athenaTelehealth is fully integrated with the athenahealth platform. The athenaTelehealth platform provides a number of services without the need for additional downloads or software, such as completely integrated invoicing support, automated patient outreach, and customizable video windows.

AthenaOne EHR Pricing

Many companies are afraid to declare their costs right away. Make sure you have the potential to become a client of AthenaHealth. Inquire with them for a price estimate.

AthenaOne EHR Demo

Do you still have questions about the features? If you need a more thorough visual explanation of how specific features work, a demo visit is a fantastic choice. AthenaHealth offers a free demo but not a free trial.

AthenaOne EHR Reviews

Medical professionals and patients can benefit from the AthenaHealth installation because of its usability and reporting features, which have received multiple favorable user reviews.

What is eTHOMAS Software?

A web-based practice management and medical billing software, eTHOMAS by Genius Solutions, Inc., serves practices of all shapes and sizes. Podiatry, general medicine, and chiropractic practices can benefit from the solutions provided by this eTotal Office Management System. E-Statements, e-prescribing, and customizable reports are important features.

eTHOMAS Features

Appointment Scheduler

Automated reminders and confirmations. For each of your outgoing emails, you define the parameters. Your scheduler receives immediate updates regarding confirmations. Provides practice with complete control over how their patients make online reservations. Both new and current patients can easily make their own appointments online at any time. Establish the precise specifications for the appointment times that are available for online scheduling.


The “Blacklist” prevents recurrent cancelers from making online appointments. Patients can make an appointment online by clicking a link in their reminder notice. To prevent patients from trying to arrange appointments too early for their insurance, recall letters are delivered based on the date of the most recent recall appointment.



Instead of concentrating employees on benefit verification, focus them on patient care, communications, and collections. No phoning, noting, typing, or hand adjusting is necessary when using eTHOMAS to acquire the most recent verification information and have it put immediately into your patient data.

eTHOMAS Pricing

The eTHOMAS software has a $3000.00 one-time price point. Users can get in touch with the seller to get more information and get a price.


There is no free trial offered, but you can easily avail of their free demo option.

eTHOMAS Reviews

According to online reviews, it is a fantastic platform for practice management that can be tailored to almost any practice type or specialism while still being incredibly user-friendly and functional.

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AthenaOne EHR Vs. eTHOMAS Software—Final Thoughts

AthenaClinicals EHR, a cloud-based electronic health record platform, gives doctors choices to help them document more rapidly and accurately while prioritizing the needs of the patient. Users can access patient records, make and sign orders, and manage patient crises whenever and wherever they are, thanks to straightforward protocols and a fully integrated mobile app.

For Windows, eTHOMAS provides end-to-end solutions. Clinical tasks are made simpler by the solution’s ability to integrate with numerous EHR systems. The positives of this software include its simplicity in establishing digital patient files, user-friendly design, good customer service, and expedited billing procedures. The software is able to process orders and test results while also providing same-day error correction. By selecting their preferred color schemes, practice personnel can customize their interface. Additionally, billers have the option to delete transactions on the day they were posted.

We hope you clearly understand how to choose the finest EMR company, or if not, at least some clarity. Please remember, by not scheduling demos, you are limiting your knowledge about the software.


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