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Apple Music Streams: Why you should buy them from FollowerZoid?

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Apple Music is a streaming music service that Apple provides. Apple Music was known before as iTunes. Its rebranding took place in 2019. Apple Music boasts 72 million subscribers and more than 90 million songs. It is the world’s second-largest music streaming service after Spotify. In today’s music-streaming world, finding your music via platforms such as Apple Music can be a significant career boost for many musicians. The success of an artist’s music these days is primarily determined by the number of people who listen to their tracks on streaming services.

Apple Music Streams vs. Other Musician Platforms

Apple Music differs from other platforms that musicians can use to distribute their songs (Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and others) because the platform allows artists to make more money for each stream. Apple Music streams cost about $0.007. Apple Music is a high-end service, thanks to its exclusive artist deals. Artists who wish to be noticed by music streaming services like Apple Music usually promote their songs through ads and song publicity. Organic music promotion is preferred because it gives musicians more credibility. Artists pay for song promotion in a variety of ways. Some artists need more funds to pay big marketing companies to promote their music, while others want to reach broader audiences. Most people who purchase Apple music streams are new musicians in the industry. They still need to build a following large enough to get recognized. They then turn to music promotion companies to gain the required exposure. A higher number of playbacks will also trigger the algorithm, which will recommend your song to more users. Apple Music only lets some people create their playlists. This makes it more challenging to promote your song through curated playlists. You must contact the playlist manager personally if you want your song included in a playlist. This is not possible because Apple makes playlists according to their taste. Many websites offer Apple Music Promotion services.

FollowerZoid is the most notable. FollowerZoid, an Apple Music promotional service, allows artists to purchase Apple music streams to reach a wider audience. They help artists by creating user-based music promotion groups. Apple Music does not have a subscription fee. It is a significant obstacle for music marketers. FollowerZoid is a company that has consistently provided efficient and reasonable music marketing services. Apple Music Promotion is challenging due to Apple Music’s lack of a Fermium subscription. FollowerZoid makes the process easy and affordable. For further information on FollowerZoid, and its services, visit FollowerZoid.

Create a platform following. Begin by asking for support from friends, family, and fans who have already signed up. Then, you can sync all your social media accounts to your Apple Music account and direct traffic and different followers straight to the Apple Music page. Support other musicians in the app. If you like their music, give them a “follow” and a nice compliment. It’s possible to mention them on social media or give them a shout-out. This will not only help you create a network of musicians who share your interests, but they are likely to return the favor whenever you promote their music, which can be incredibly helpful for growing your fan base.

Upload music consistently

The more music you have on Apple Music (songs, albums, etc.), the better your odds of success. You will let your fans remember you if you post new music regularly. Keep your fans in the loop by maintaining a well-marketed and regular uploading schedule. Be careful not to sacrifice the quality of your overall music. It can be tempting to release substandard content to remain relevant. However, this will only work for a while, and your fans will see right through you. Warning: Beware.

Get playlisted

Apple Music offers a similar music promotion tool to Spotify. Spotify’s editorial staff does not curate Apple Music playlists. Instead, they are created and edited in-house. You can only pitch music to Apple Music employees or curators if you are on friendly terms. Apple Music does not accept public playlists. However, you can increase your odds of being included by doing certain things. All of these steps are in the right direction: verifying your profile, building your audience on Apple Music and off it, and working with an established distributor.
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