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AestheticsPro EMR vs AthenaHealth EMR Comparison

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As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so does the need for efficient practice management solutions.  The traditional pen-and-paper method of patient record-keeping is outdated, and more medical practices are adopting Electronic Health Record systems to streamline their operations. Here we will look into AestheticPro Online and AthenaHealth software, two leading EHR solutions.  


We will conduct a detailed AestheticsPro EMR vs AthenaHealth EMR comparison. AestheticPro EMR Software is a leading medspa software explicitly designed for aesthetic clinics. And AthenaHealth is a multi-disciplinary IT-driven healthcare solution. Are you ready to dive into this AestheticsPro EMR vs AthenaHealth EMR guide?  

AestheticsPro EMR Software  

AestheticPro EMR Software is an all-in-one solution that offers a wide range of features designed to simplify the operations of medspa centers. Additionally, this HIPAA-compliant solution optimizes the performance of med spa centers expanding their market shares with tools like point-of-sale service and reputation management.   

AestheticPro EMR Features  

Aesthetic Pro is an ideal EMR packing endless impeccable features for the med spa businesses. Some of the key elements of AestheticPro EMR are:  


Patient Management- AestheticPro EMR Software streamlines the patient management process by providing a comprehensive patient database that includes patient history, contact information, and appointment schedules.  


Electronic Prescriptions- The software enables doctors to prescribe medications electronically, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring better patient care.   


Online Booking- Patients can book appointments online through AestheticPro EMR Software, eliminating the need for standing in queues and reducing appointment scheduling errors. It offers integrated time cards and takes booking 24/7.  


Reporting and Analytics- The software offers comprehensive reporting functionalities to optimize business performance effortlessly. Pulling data from the patient records, it conducts detailed reports and even identifies growth opportunities.   


Client Management- It is one of the valuable features of AestheticsPro EMR. The system offers built-in CRM functionality to manage client relationships. As a result, it helps improve overall business management and boosts client retention.    

AestheticsPro EMR Reviews  

The reviews of AestheticsPro EMR showcase its actual worth. Users laud this vendor for its versatility, resilience, and customizability. Here are some thoughts clients shared about AestheticsPro EMR in the reviews::  


  • The system conducts robust data analytics by integrating with reliable third-party applications. Thus it generates to-the-point-of-care reports.  


  • Reviews suggest that AestheticsPro EMR enables practices to grow successful customer relationships by implementing marketing tools like campaign management.  


  • Some AestheticsPro EMR reviews share that it ensures a positive online presence of practices, for it comes with a comprehensive reviews management system.  

AestheticPro EMR Pricing  

AestheticPro EMR offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs of different medical spas. The pricing plans are based on the number of providers, and providers get the facility to pay on a monthly basis. The pricing plans of AestheticsPro EMR include  


  1. Solo Plan – This plan is designed for individual practitioners and costs $125 per month. 
  2. Enterprise Plan- This plan is designed for businesses with multiple providers and costs $185 per month. 
  3. Enterprise Plus Plan – This plan is designed for large clinics with multiple locations and costs $245 per month. 

AestheticPro EMR Demo  

AestheticPro EMR offers a free demo to help users get a feel for the software before committing to a plan. The demo of AestheticsPro is designed to show how the software works and how it can be customized to meet users’ specific needs. One can simply fill out a form on the AestheticPro EMR website to request a demo.  

AthenaHealth EMR: Features, Reviews, and Demo  

Athena EMR is a popular EMR software used in medical practices of all sizes. The software boasts an extensive range of features, including EHR, patient engagement, appointment scheduling, analytics, and billing and claims management. However, this vendor cannot be used by Aesthetic clinics.   

AthenaHealth EMR Reviews  

AthenaHealth EMR has received positive user reviews, with many citing its ease of use and comprehensive features. Here are some reviews from users of AthenaHealth EMR:  


  • The user interface is easily navigable, and the vendor is customizable to meet the unique needs of all practices. 


  • AthenaHealth EMR reviews share that it readily streamlines billing processes and reduces the number of denied claims medical practices receive. 


  • According to the reviews, AthenaHealth EMR offers an invaluable reporting and analytics service. In addition, it provides valuable insights to help practices experience a boom.  

AthenaHealth EMR Features  

AthenaHealth EMR includes a range of features designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of medical practices. These features include:  


EHR: AthenaHealth EMR includes an EHR management system that allows practitioners to access patient information quickly and easily. It works for all, from independent practitioners to large-scale care facilities.   


Billing and Claims Management: AthenaHealth EMR also features intuitive billing and claims management tools, including automatic claim submission and denial tracking. In addition, it boosts revenue by putting its integrated clearinghouse to work.   


Patient Portal: AthenaHealth EMR features a portal allowing patients to access their health records, book appointments, and communicate with their healthcare providers. It results in better care management.   


Epocrates: The software offers Epocrates, a tech-savvy service that supports medical decisions being a medical referencing app. This analytic tool provides practices with valuable insights supporting health treatment plans and prescriptions. 

AthenaHealth EMR Demo  

Like AestheticPro EMR Software, AthenaHealth EMR offers a demo of its software for interested parties. To request a demo by AthenaHealth EMR, clinicians can fill out a form on the AthenaHealth EMR website. The AthenaHealth EMR demo allows users to experience the software’s features and functionalities before committing to a purchase.   

AthenaHealth EMR Pricing 

AthenaHealth EMR offers a distinctive pricing structure. AthenaHealth EMR uses a percentage-based pricing methodology. The unique pricing strategy of AthenaHealth EMR makes it a cost-effective solution for all.  

AestheticPro EMR Software vs. AthenaHealth EMR 

In this AestheticsPro EMR vs AthenaHealth EMR guide, it is important to consider the differences in their target markets too.  


AestheticsPro is designed specifically for medical spas and clinics, while AthenaHealth EMR is designed for a range of healthcare organizations. As such, AestheticsPro provides features that are tailored to the needs of medical spas and clinics, such as reputation management and marketing, while AthenaHealth EMR delivers features that are more suitable for specialized healthcare organizations, such as clinical decision support and operational management.   

  Decide according to your medical practice.  


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