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8 Means of Transportation Services in Thailand

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Thailand is a beautiful country with beaches that looks like a dream. Despite being a popular tourist destination, the country has kept its culture intact. Beautiful beaches, deep forests, historic monasteries, coral reefs, Buddhist monks, floating marketplaces, and great food with a variety of flavors are all discovered here. But first, we must figure out how to get to all these amazing places by getting around in Thailand.

Thailand has a lot of different transportation services to get around, most of which are different sizes and shapes. These forms and sizes can occasionally be distinct from those observed in Bangkok, particularly in one’s experience in smaller towns and cities. In terms of mobility, Bangkok has it everything, and there are numerous modes of transit to suit everyone’s demands .

Types of Transportation Services


Tuk Tuks, the famous 3-wheeled vehicles transportation services you’ve seen in many Southeast Asia travel photos, are the most common way for Thai people to get around. You should ride a Tuk Tuk at least once because it’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

At the same time, it’s important to know that Tuk Tuks are a lot more expensive than your average motorbike taxi or Songthaew because they are a popular way for tourists to get around. But if you can, take a Tuk Tuk ride at least once while in Thailand. Most rides cost between 80 and 150 Baht, and Tuk Tuk drivers are less likely to cheat you if you know a little Thai.


Taxis are a convenient and inexpensive way to travel short distances in Bangkok, Thailand. Get a taxi if you want to escape the scorching heat of Bangkok and travel in an air-conditioned car for a low price. Though sometimes, people prefer motorbike taxis because traffic is so bad. 

Taxis start at 35 Baht and cost 2 Baht for the first 2 kilometers, followed by 2 Baht for each subsequent km. But the traffic in some parts of Bangkok can be terrible, so a motorbike might be a better choice if you only need to go a short distance in Bangkok. Taxis, conversely, are air-conditioned, which can be a nice break from the crazy heat in Bangkok.


Songthaews are four-wheeled cars that have been changed to look like mini trucks so that they can carry people. Songthaew could be one of the best transportation services in Thailand if you want a cheap and safe way to get around. There are two rows of seats, with a space at the rear for passengers to stand and hold on while riding. 

Motorcycle taxi

Motorcycle taxis are the best way to get from one place to another quickly and cheaply over short distances. You can find them in most Thai cities and smaller towns with good transportation systems in Thailand. Riding on the back of a motorcycle is not the best way to travel if you have a lot of luggage or if it is raining, but for the average backpacker, this is the best way to get around.

A great thing about a motorcycle is that you can put two people on the back, which won’t cost much more. The average price for a motorbike can range from 20 to 100 baht, depending on how far you go.


Thailand has a good bus system, and it’s no surprise that Bangkok has the most buses in any city. Most smaller cities and towns use Songthaews instead of buses to get around. Several smaller communities, however, have bus systems that connect to neighboring towns, cities, and popular tourist destinations. Bangkok is a hub to buses of various sizes and colors. Some of these buses are public, and some are private.

Within Bangkok, you can take a bus for as little as 7 baht, and other buses cost less. Some buses go all over the country that leaves Bangkok. If you have a little money, this is a great way to get around instead of flying or taking the train.


The railways in Thailand are the most popular way to travel around the country because they are fast and reliable. You can choose between first, second, and third class on most routes. Even though the third class is the cheapest, it can be hard to sleep there. Moving to the second class is worthwhile if you only go a short distance. 

The gap between first and second class is enormous; second-class tickets are still inexpensive. For example, a second-class train ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in the north can cost as little as $20.


The Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) Skytrain is a train that runs high above the ground. That is a blessing in disguise for those who are bored of the daily traffic jams in Bangkok. This mode of transportation in Thailand is one of the most affordable and fastest means because you beat traffic. The fastest way to get from point A to point B in Thailand is by plane, and there are a lot of low-cost airlines for people on a tight budget.


Thai Airlines has the most destinations and flying options, and many of the tourist islands and locations can be reached in a 1-hour trip from Bangkok. 

So, these are the best and easiest transportation services to get around Thailand, saving you time and making your trip more enjoyable.  


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