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7 Benefits of Green Tea For Men

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Green tea is a food that every man should include in their daily routine due to its amazing positive effects on health. Green tea is not only a powerful source of cell-strengthening agents called catechins, but it has also been associated with many medicinal benefits for the prostate. Below are the 7 benefits of green tea that every person should know. Previously, we showed that green tea and tea catechins interfere with coronavirus replication as well as coronavirus pills Iverheal 6 and Iverheal 12.


  1. It interferes with the action of a compound called orthotone decarboxylase, which plays a role in the ‘development’ of prostate malignancies (Gupta 1999). 


  1. Green tea inhibits human prostate disease cell development and stimulates cells to ‘stop everything’ (apoptosis) (Gupta, Ahmad 2000) 


  1. Stimulates the maintenance of damaged DNA and may somehow facilitate disease development (Butt 2009) 


  1. Green tea inhibits the movement of a protein called COX-2, which accumulates in prostate malignant tissue and is associated with the prostate disease process. (Hussein, Gupta, 2005). Studies have shown that physician-prescribed drugs called COX-2 inhibitors, such as celecoxib (Celebrex) can slow the progression of prostate cancer in animal models. In any case, a new report published in the journal Clinical Disaster Exploration shows that EGCG in green tea is nearly as effective as COX-2 inhibitors in preventing the development of prostate malignancies. (Adami 2007) 


  1. Activates the movement of certain immortal scaffold cells that fight malignant cancers. (Ass 2009) 


  1. In a review published in June 2009 in the journal Disease Counteraction Exploration, an expert explained that green tea polyphenols, essentially his EGCG, significantly reduced public service awareness. The study involved 26 men with malignant prostatic hyperplasia who were scheduled for radical prostatectomy. (McClarty 2009) 


  1. It has also been suggested that catechins may help men suffering from premalignant prostate pain (prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia or PIN), which is at high risk of causing malignant growth of the prostate. Studies show that 30% of men with high-grade PIN continue to have prostate cancer about a year after a repeat biopsy. In a recent report published in the journal Disease Exploration, 60 men with severe PIN entered the trial with diplopia and sham treatments. (Bertuzzi 2006) Men in the treatment group received 200 mg of catechins three times daily. After 1 year, only 1 growth was analyzed in 30 treated men, whereas 9 diseases were detected in 30 controls. As a “reward,” the scientists also found that people who took catechins had fewer lower urinary tract side effects, suggesting that catechins may help treat the side effects of benign prostatic hyperplasia. 


  1. It also helps prevent male pattern baldness by stimulating testosterone and preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT.


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