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6 Easy practical tips to make your Invisalign treatment more successful and faster

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Millions of people worldwide have chosen Invisalign to straighten their teeth. In other words this cutting-edge technology to straighten the teeth is massively popular among its takers. The UK is no exception. An increasing number of people all over the country are becoming aware and conscious about it almost every day. This technology shuns those prominent metallic braces that remain fixed to the teeth throughout the span of treatment. Rather it uses clear transparent aligner trays that are aesthetically more pleasing. The trays remain virtually invisible in your mouth. Thus there is no feeling of embarrassment for you for wearing braces. Moreover these aligner trays are easily removable from the teeth. You take the aligner trays out while eating or drinking. Even maintaining sound oral hygiene through properly brushing and flossing the teeth every day throughout the treatment phase is possible with Invisalign. Most importantly unlike conventional braces this cutting-edge teeth straightening technology does not impose any dietary restriction on patients.

Considering all these factors and more it is no surprise that there are more takers than one can imagine for Invisalign treatment in London or for that matter anywhere else under the sun. in the following sections of this blog post let us explore how you can make this invisible braces treatment deliver faster results. Here are a few tried and tested tips.

Start with your treatment right away

The first 48 hours of the treatment are most crucial for every Invisalign patient. Success or failure of the treatment is greatly guided by those initial few hours. As a responsible patient you have to play a vital role during that period to ensure the treatment delivers expected and desired results. Never try your newly obtained Invisalign aligners for a few minutes before taking them out from the teeth. Rather, you should keep wearing the aligner trays for at least 22 hours a day during those initial two days. The goal is to make the teeth get used to the aligners faster in spite of all the initial inconveniences. If you take the aligners in and out other than while eating or brushing the teeth during the first two days, much of your progress gets cancel out. In fact this is true for every new set of aligners.

Comply with the 22 hours deadline every day

There are more benefits than one can count that Invisalign offers. You can eat and drink anything you want. You can go on a date, deliver a speech and even attend an interview. You can play the wind instrument of your choice. You can even chew gums. You can do all these things and much more only after temporarily removing the clear plastic aligners from the teeth. But it is important to stick to the 22 hours compliance of wearing the aligners. If you think you cannot stick to the rule of wearing the aligners 22 hours a day then you should better not opt for Invisalign braces to straighten your teeth.

Remember that you need to get used to your aligner trays

As you begin your Invisalign journey you will notice there is a strange feeling in the mouth. This is because of the aligners. This feeling is likely to persist for a day or two and then it will wane away on its own.  Many patients say they feel as if their mouth is full. There could even be a slight lisp in your speech. All these strange developments will erase out faster if you stick to just one simple rule that we have already discussed above.

Keep wearing your Invisalign trays at least 22 hours a day.

Now consider conventional metal braces for a moment. The metal wires can poke your gums as well as the tongue. The braces sit on the teeth too snugly. Food gets caught in the braces. Considering all these miseries you can be rest assured that Invisalign provides you with much greater comfort compared to fixed metallic braces.

Practice your speech to overcome the lisp

A section of patients who are on Invisalign treatment develops a slight lisp during the initial few days of putting on the aligners. This is nothing to worry about. It indicates the fact that your tongue needs to get used to the aligners. According to experts dealing in Invisalign in London you should keep talking in your usual manner ignoring the lisp. At least you should try talk in your usual manner. The more you try the faster your tongue will get used to the aligner trays. As a result the lisp you developed will be gone. Within a day or two you will speak just in your usual way.

Focus on maintaining sound oral health

When you are on Invisalign journey it is important to shoulder few responsibilities. One such is making sure to brush the teeth every time after a meal. Moreover you should also floss twice daily. Even mouthwash is helpful to keep the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth under check. However there is need to swish the mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash more than once daily. Properly brushing and flossing the teeth every time is the only feasible means to avoid build-ups of tartar, plaque and cavities. It is important to carry your toothbrush along with miniature toothpaste with you all the time throughout the days of your Invisalign journey.

Keep your aligners clean

When you are on Invisalign journey it is important to clean your aligners on regular basis. Otherwise it gives rise to bad breath. Every time you take the aligners out of your mouth you should clean the appliances properly. Even if a small quantity of you saliva gets caught beneath the aligner trays and dries up, a smelly coating develops. The unpleasant smell may even invite harmful bacteria along with tooth decay and gum disease to your mouth.

Now the question is how you can keep your aligner trays clean and free from any bad smell? Invisalign offers its official cleaning crystals to sanitise and clean your trays. Dentists at the Smile Clinic London point out that as an alternative option you can use Retainer Brite. Even antibacterial soap is helpful to keep the trays clean, sanitised and free from gunk. Rinse the appliances well in water before inserting them back to the teeth.

But always avoid whitening toothpastes for the purpose. It may lead to minute scratches on your aligner trays.

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