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6 Ball 6 Six Record List: Unveiling the Breathtaking Feats of Cricket’s Greatest Batsmen

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Cricket is a game of a lot of records and feats where the bowler dreams to achieve the hat trick while the batsman’s dream is to achieve the feat of hitting every ball in an over to off the boundary and scoring 6 consecutive sixes. Achieving this marvelous feat is just like dreams come true.

Hitting 1 or 2 six is also rewarded while hitting 6 consecutive sixes gives you experience an extraordinary score that is the dream of the very batsman. It is a thing of impossibility. In cricket history, very few batsmen have achieved this feat.  This record has not been bagged by the player Greatest of All Time and King of Cricket, rather some selected extraordinary players have achieved the remarkable feat. This astonishing feat is really incredible and only four players have recorded so far in the history of cricket.

Today we will discuss the players who have achieved the 6 sixes in an over and bagged the record by his name.

Players Achieved 6 Sixes in an Over

Achieving such a remarkable feat is really marvelous. So, we have listed out the players having such an incredible feat.

1. Harschelle Gibbs VS Netherlands:

South African player Harschelle Gibbs is one of the fabulous players who achieved 6 sixes in an over, feat during the World Cup in  2007.  Gibbs has showcased his unique prowess of hitting the balls over the boundary for a consecutive 6 sixes in an over to get the huge score against the Netherlands in the game. By beating the bowler Daan Van Bunge, Gibbs has achieved his master stroke.

2. Yuvraj Singh VS England

Representing the Indian team the all-rounder player Yuvraj Singh achieved this incredible Masterstroke of six consecutive sixes in an over against England in the World Cup Tournament in 2007.  It is also witnessed in the cricket match that before gabbing such a grand feat, Youvraj ave had a fierce argument with the British bowler Andrew Flintoff in the 18 over of the match and he achieved this milestone in the 19 over playing aggressively against him.

3. Kieron Pollard  VS Srilanka

Another player who has achieved this incredible milestone is Kieron Pollard of West Indies and the feat came a decade later than the previous record. Kirin Pollard unleashed his batting prowess against Sri Lanka in 2021. Achieving the breathtaking record of six ball six sixes

Kieron Pollard smashed the bowler leaving the spectators to spellbound and scored a sensational 38 runs in just 11 balls.

4. Jaskaran Malhora  VS Papua, New Guinea.

Playing to represent the US cricket team Jaskaran Malhotra has etched this incredible feat to hit six successive hits in cricket history in the year 2021 against Papua New Guinea. He started with an iconic sixes to long on, long off, and through the entire park during the match and bagged such an astonishing record by his name.

No one can forget the feat that these incredible players have achieved by their name in the history of cricket.

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