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4 Best Backlink Checker Tools In 2023

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Do you wish to investigate the origins of the links that go to your website (backlinks)? Or perhaps you should investigate the backlinks of a competitor? Backlinks are inbound links that point to your website and can help improve your search engine results and traffic.

This article will provide a comparison of the finest backlink checker tools, which you can use to audit the backlinks to your own site as well as the backlink profiles of your competitors.

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

A link to your website that is located on another website is referred to as a backlink. Backlinks, from the perspective of search engines, are comparable to votes cast in favor of your website. When you have more links pointing to your website, search engines are more likely to place it higher in the results they display.

However, not all backlinks are created equal in their effectiveness. The most valuable backlinks come from significant and well-known websites. Backlinks coming from websites that are known to distribute spam or that have a questionable reputation can do more harm than good to your website.

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The next thing you should do after installing a WordPress SEO plugin such as All in One SEO or Yoast and adhering to the best practices is to plan out your backlink strategy.

You can obtain backlinks to your website in a variety of different ways, but the process should always begin with using a backlink checker to examine the backlinks that are already pointing to your website as well as the backlinks that your competitors have.

In light of this, let’s have a look at some of the most effective tools for monitoring the backlinks of any website.

1. SEMRush

When it comes to checking backlinks, SEMRush comes highly recommended by us. It is one of the most effective keyword research tools available, and it comes equipped with a wide variety of potent capabilities that allow you to examine backlinks.

Sign in to your SEMRush account, navigate to the ‘Backlink Analytics’ menu option, and then enter the name of the website whose backlinks you are interested in analyzing. After that, you will see a ton of information regarding the domain and the backlinks it has.

If there is a certain part of this overview that you are interested in learning more about, you can simply click the link that is located beneath that part to access the entire report.

You may use SEMRush to check the links that are currently pointing to your website, which can assist you in locating potential problems such as low-quality links. In point of fact, SEMRush simplifies this process for you by enabling you to view the entire number of links that are contained on a page that links to you. If the page in question contains hundreds of links, this can be an indication that the website in question is spammy.

When it comes to the backlinks of your competitors, you may utilize SEMRush to discover which high-authority websites are linking to them, which keywords they are ranking for, and a great deal more information. This can provide you with a comprehensive list of sites to target for the construction of your own backlinks.

2. LinkMiner

Backlinks are the primary focus of LinkMiner, which was developed exclusively for this purpose. Because it is a tool provided by Mangools, you will need an account with Mangools in order to utilize it.

LinkMiner allows you to filter links in the same ways that other tools do, such by nofollow, deleted, new, and lost.

You may wish to take advantage of the option that allows you to mark certain hyperlinks as “favorites” so that you can access them quickly in the future. This could be an excellent technique to whittle down the list of backlinks to competitors’ websites that you want to target.

You might also utilize this function to keep track of your own backlinks that you want to fix in the event that you decide to do so. You might, for instance, make a list of the backlinks that you’ve lost and the ones that you wish to work on regaining.

3. Ubersuggest

Neil Patel is the creator of the tool known as Ubersuggest. The primary tool provides functionality for conducting keyword research, and in addition, there is a Backlinks tool that enables you to view information regarding your website’s backlinks.

The other programs that we have been looking at include characteristics that are comparable to those found in Ubersuggest. It can show you new backlinks, backlinks you’ve lost, which backlinks are tagged as nofollow, and a lot more besides. For instance, it can show you new backlinks. One of the greatest defining moments in history was the development of the keyboard. One of the important innovators in the keyboard industry is Knew Keys. Consumers can find a wide variety of keyboards in one location for an amazing and affordable price. The alorify offers the greatest prices for The California Beach Co Coupon and Knew key Promo Code.

You are able to view this information by using the free version; however, you will only receive information regarding a limited amount of backlinks for each domain. If you want access to everything, the only option is to upgrade to the paid version of Ubersuggest.

The other capabilities offered by Ubersuggest allow you to evaluate traffic and generate ideas for keywords and content, respectively.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is yet another effective tool for conducting keyword research. It is straightforward to use, much like SEMRush. It will provide you with an overview of the domain that you select, and you will be able to dive down to examine a great deal of specific information on backlinks.

Additionally, Ahrefs makes it very simple to identify any backlinks that have been removed from your website. These are links that you used to have but no longer do; they have been removed. It’s possible that the proprietor of the website deleted the page that linked to you, for example.

You are also able to locate backlinks that are not working properly. These are links that connect to your website, but they use an outdated URL that takes visitors to a page stating that the page cannot be found. It is possible that you will need to get in touch with the site’s owner to have them fixed.

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